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Zoho Payroll

marzo 21, 2019
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Zoho Payroll is the new addition in the long list of business and productivity apps of the Zoho Company. It serves India and parts of the United States (Texas and California; more states TBA). In the U.S., the app is built into the Zoho Books accounting system, while in India, it is offered as a standalone app.

The online solution is intended to streamline payroll administration as well as automate and make more accurate payroll processing. It lets you centralize and organize employees records and information, and gives you lots of options on how to schedule payroll and pay your employees. Zoho Payroll simplifies what is otherwise a complicated and time-consuming process of payroll preparation. It can automatically do payroll calculations, systemize pay schedules, and in a few steps process and approve pay runs.

Tax reporting and compliance with laws and regulation are taken care of with tax-ready reports, accurate tax deductions, and automatic preparation of employee income tax returns. It can likewise tax-compliant payslips, calculate required government contributions, and inform you of your tax liabilities as well as year-to-date payroll cost. Aside from effortless payroll administration and processing, Zoho Payroll provides tools for employee onboarding, allowing you to easily add new hires to your payroll and centrally manage all their information.

With the software, you can also create a secure employee self-service portal that you can fill with announcements, files, and payroll information that can be accessed and searched by employees. It provides a seamless collaboration platform between payroll personnel and employees where everything is kept in one place. As with all Zoho products, Zoho Payroll deeply integrates with other sibling solutions and, in this case, with Zoho People (HR app) and Zoho Books (accounting app). Despite its extensive features, Zoho Payroll is available in one extremely affordable subscription rate that covers one employee per month a pricing model that lets you scale as you grow your business and add more employees.

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