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Perfect for Startups and SMBs In Need of More Capital

Waddle is an excellent option whenever you need some quick cash to further fund your enterprise, whether you are purchasing equipment, settling office rent, or facilitating payroll for your employees. The model Waddle implements are simple. You can apply for a loan based on your company’s total unsettled invoices. Revenues from paid invoices are then automatically applied to your existing Waddle balance.

The process is extremely easy to comprehend and repayment is automated. That said, you need to tick off a few requirements to qualify for a Waddle invoice load. Your business needs to be: incorporated, operating for at least nine months, and have invoices to raise to other business once services are completed and goods are delivered. Businesses in the construction and retail industries are not qualified as well.

Integrations With Your Accountancy/ERP Systems

Waddle easily integrates with your existing accountancy and ERP platforms (such as Xero or MYOB)in a manner no other lending solutions can replicate. Waddle gets into your systems, access only the information it requires and analyzes all your business data. After processing your data and determining if your company qualifies, you are offered a line of credit. That line of credit is automatically adjusted as soon as your invoices are raised and paid.

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