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marzo 24, 2019
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Auto-start Selections

With TripLog, you have six choices as to how you want to track your mileage. You can opt for standard, Bluetooth-enabled, iBeacon, or Plug-N-Go auto tracking or you can select manual tracking. Other than that, the solution offers to read the odometer through OBD-II. The reason why the platform has multiple options is to give you the flexibility you need, as the designers of the app understand that one tool does not fit all.

Simplified Reimbursements

When employees pay for company trips from their own pockets, they expect to be reimbursed for their expenses afterward. To ensure accurate numbers, TripLog logs the miles they have traveled. Aside from that, the application can capture and store receipt photos as well. This is especially beneficial to the finance team, as they can reconcile expenses and receipts effortlessly. As such, employees can receive accurate payouts.

Daily Trip Review

As TripLog records your miles, it also takes note of your routes. You can see these as a comprehensive summary of your app dashboard. With this feature, you can better plan your daily trips and optimize your routes to maximize time and financial savings.

Aside from that, the daily trip dashboard helps you organize your trips and classify them accordingly. This way, you can select which ones are personal and which ones are for work to ensure transparency and fairness in reimbursement claims.

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