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Text Request

marzo 7, 2019
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Convert People Into Prospects And Customers Through SMS Messaging

One of the powerful features built into Text Request is that it is an online business SMS solution built to help you convert people into prospects and customers. Texting is the method of communication that many prefer as they are reaching out to a company. This is because SMS messaging gives them convenience, mobility, and flexibility they need. With Text Request, people can engage with you through the method of communication that they truly love.

Add Click-To-Text Features/Buttons

Text Request provides you with the capability to add click-to-text features or buttons to your existing website, Adwords ads, Google My Business listings, and business Instagram profile. For example, you can incorporate a click-to-text button to your Google My Business listing so people who are searching for things related to the products or services you are offering using the Google search engine can contact you via text messaging once they are able to find your business on Googles search results. This makes it easy for you to capture and generate prospects straight from Googles search results. With Text Request, you can now transform ordinary mobile ad viewers, Instagram followers, and website visitors into valuable leads and customers.

Send A Single Text Message To Multiple Contacts At Once

The online business text messaging service has a feature called BCC group messaging. This feature enables you to send a single text message to multiple contacts at once. This streamlines your communication process and helps you ensure that youre able to reach out to different contacts in a consistent manner. In addition, although youre sending the same text message to all the people belonging to the group you set up, responses are delivered back to you individually and not by group.

Use Your Current Business Number

Another interesting feature present in Text Request is that it allows you to use your current business number, whether its a landline number, toll-free number, or VoIP number. In other words, the number you are using for making calls can also be used for sending out text messages. You can integrate Text Request with your existing voice services and systems, thereby protecting your past and current communication technology investments.

Send Text Messages From Any Web Page

You can take advantage of the capabilities of Text Request anywhere online and even within other applications. This is because the service is built with integration features that make text messaging more flexible than ever before. Text Request comes with a Chrome extension that enables you to send text messages right straight from a web page. All you have to do is to click on any number displayed on a web page, and then you can already instantly deliver the message you want to the owner of that number.

Integration With CRM Systems And Other Applications

Text Request can also be integrated with CRM systems like Salesforce, Bullhorn, and HubSpot. As a result, you will be able to receive text messages and access recorded text conversations within your existing CRM system. Moreover, the online business text messaging service provides a robust set of APIs and webhooks that can help you automate your communication processes, move information about text conversations between multiple applications, and ensure that the service adapts to your existing infrastructures, systems, and processes.

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