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marzo 13, 2019
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Generate Leads Off Facebook Comments

TalkLift helps you identify potential high-quality leads by going through Facebook comments. The software automatically qualifies Facebook users with the best probability to convert based on the comments they posted, capture their contact information, and are instantly added to your contact list for future engagement.

Cost Effective Engagement Through Bulk Messaging

Captured contacts are engaged via bulk messaging. This approach is highly effective in generating Facebook-based leads and increase business engagement in a highly organic way. Also, this method is proven to be cost effective in terms of announcing promos, distributing new information, and provide product updates to customers. Bulk messages come with a call to action button for a chatbot to help interested clients gain more information as well as guide them through your sales process.

Chatbots are way cheaper in providing offline support. Rather than set up and operate a support hub with human agents, Talklift lets you deliver high-quality support to your customers even during beyond your working hours.

No Coding Expertise Needed

With Talklift, you can design chatbots without much effort as there is no need for you to work with codes. The whole process is intuitive and you can tailor your chatbots to suit your requirements, equip them with information pertaining to your brand, products, services, and the industry it can quickly deliver intelligent responses to potential customers, increase engagement, and empower them to convert.

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