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marzo 19, 2019
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Get The Real Score From Your Customers

Survey2Connect is more than just a survey management platform. It helps you understand your customers better by dissecting their experience, identify their pain points as well as the positives of their journey with your business, and use powerful analytics to derive insights that will help you improve your services, products, and your brand overall.

What sets Survey2Connect apart from other client feedback management solutions is that the software helps you determine what questions you should ask your customers, which channels should you engage them in, and what time should you reach out. Addressing all these requirements makes them eager and responsive to your surveys, resulting in more honest answers and high-quality feedback.

Gather Feedback from Employees

Survey2Connect is not just for customers. You can utilize the platform to gather feedback from your employees to help you and the management realize the prevailing sentiment in the workplace. It helps you get a clear 360-degree view of the work environment, drive employee engagement, and boost employee productivity. All these lead to huge business growth.

Do employees like the recently-hired project manager? Are they loving the stricter dress code policies? Should you purchase another vending machine for the cafeteria? Whatever questions you need or want to ask, Survey2Connect can help you collect the relevant answers.

Usable for Research

Whether you are evaluating your brand’s performance, initiating mystery shopping, and testing your products, Survey2Connect provides you with the ideal platform to generate and share surveys with the right questions so that you get answers that drive value.

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