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marzo 21, 2019
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User-Friendly Interface

Straightxt is a text messaging platform built by marketers with their fellow marketers in mind. That is why it provides you with customer insights and enables you to discover valuable consumer data with one look. Thus, you can uncover opportunities for growth easily.

Data-Comprehensive Dashboards

A screen full of data can be daunting but not Straightxts dashboard. It tastefully arranges information on the screen to ensure that you can find the answers you need with a glance. As a result, you can make instant decisions regarding your current text marketing efforts. This is especially beneficial when it comes to segmenting your audiences and in personalizing your approaches to each of them.

Automated Text Marketing

When the most optimal time for marketing to your audiences is outside regular office hours, you do not have to ask your employees to stay for overtime work. That is because Straightxt has automation tools that allow you to send your messages on schedule. This means that you can engage with your target consumers at the best times without anyone sitting in front of the dashboard.

Integration Capabilities

Straightxt has API that lets you connect it with any platform. This allows you to access its capabilities from another window, thus, extending its functions. Additionally, it has webhooks, which you can utilize to feed data into the software or into another solution.

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