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Standuply for Slack

marzo 7, 2019
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Standuply for Slack is a reliable project management automation tool for teams on Slack. The solution comes with an impressive set of features that delivers the following benefits:

Automate standup meetings

One of the impressive attributes of Standupy is its asynchronous nature. In the modern business environment, ‘in-person” standup meetings are difficult to run. This is because finding a time slot that works in favor of every employee is almost impossible. That’s where Standuply comes in handy. The application allows you to arrange flexible, asynchronous voice/video and text standups that are convenient for everyone. It solves the time zone differences and enables each team member to be more autonomous.

Streamline workflows

In addition, Standuply automates retrospective meetings. It allows you to configure retrospective meeting once and enjoy the agility that comes with this important component of the Scrum framework. Automated retrospective meetings allow you to reflect on strong points and the drawbacks at the end of every Sprint. This makes it easy to create an actionable strategy for workflow improvements.

Track team goals and performance with ease

Better still, Standuply creates JIRA burd-down charts and project flow diagram. It provides an easy-to-use team analytics dashboard that makes it a breeze to track team performance in Slack. It also enables you to apply the Scrum methodology to manage the multifaceted product development process.

Standuply can also be integrated with your existing tools to function as a team goal tracker. It allows you to share sprint goals with team members on Slack. On the other hand, the application shares data from Trello, Google Analytics, JIRA, and GitHub, keeping the whole team in sync.

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