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marzo 20, 2019
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Have an interactive and engaging training session

Jessica is conducting a training session for her team. To begin, she wants to see at what level everyone is at to help her know what areas to put the focus on during the session. In order to do that, she starts with an open-ended question.

During the session, she wants to check if everyone understands the essentials about the subject. She uses a quiz to spark a sense of competition in the room and test people.

At the end of the session, she wants to know how well the participants understand the subject. She uses an assessment poll to let everyone evaluate how confident they feel about the subject.

Features: Live poll, quiz/challenge, assessment poll

Engage the audience throughout an event

Steve is moderating an event for a conference. To make the opening fun, he uses an icebreaker word cloud to cheer people up and ask them how they feel. During speaker’s Q&A moments, he wants to avoid those silent moments when nobody has questions or when you have to pass a microphone so he uses a Q&A with Sparkup to crowdsource the questions from the audience and let everyone upvote the best ones in order to start the Q&A with a list of great questions. In the end, he uses a post-event survey while people are still in the room to boost the response rate and collect feedback.

Features: word cloud, Q&A, survey

Give a voice to everyone during a meeting

Matt is a manager in a company. He wants to hold a team retrospective and make sure everyone shares what went well and what didn’t. He uses a pre-meeting anonymous survey to collect the teams feedback and save time for face-to-face discussion.

During the meeting, he also wants to brainstorm on a certain subject and reach a group decision. So he uses brainstorm features to collect ideas anonymously so everyone can share their ideas and then vote for the best ideas.

Features: Survey, Brainstorm

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