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marzo 16, 2019
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Centralized Event Planning and Implementation

Showtime provides you and your events management tasks a singular, unified platform where all your plans, schedules, and tasksare easily found, accessed, and worked on. This results in a transparent work environment for you and your team. You can easily create and assign tasks to the rest of the group, check your priorities, make appointments, monitor ticket sales and attendance, among others. Showtime eliminates the need for multiple systems in managing large and complex events.

Communicate With Your Audience Better

Attendees want instant updates on your events. With Showtime, you can automate the notification process and instantly deliver news, updates, and promos to all people in your contact lists.

The software makes it easy to communicate announcements to your attendees as well, such as ticket numbers, seating arrangements, table assignments, accommodations, and more. On top that, you can use Showtime to contact your attendees for feedbacks, surveys, as well as promotions for future events.

Run Multiple Events

Showtime is designed to help you manage multiple events from a single platform. Create different projects per events and shift from one project to another with ease. You don’t need to shuffle from one application to another. Showtime lets you run different shows from a single, centralized environment.

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