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marzo 7, 2019
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Shopventory is a real-time inventory management software build to provide professional inventory management tools to small and medium-sized businesses. The system comes with an impressive set of tools that delivers the following benefits:

Simplified inventory tracking

Shopventory is built to take the complexity out of your inventory tracking process. The platform allows you to manage ingredients independently, combine components, and track a single inventory using different versions. When creating products bundles, you can make quantities as small as 0.001. This gives you unprecedented flexibility and ensures that regardless of the product you sell, inventory is deducted with precision. Besides, with bundle variants you can easily create inventory’s alter-egos, to simplify and perfect tracking.

Custom alerts

In addition, Shopventory is designed to notify you before you run out of supply. It allows you to create condition-based alerts and be as specific or broad as you want. The alerts can be customized using multiple conditions. When all the conditions are triggered; for instance, when a product is running low, Shopventory automatically sends you an email alert. The alerts can be viewed and acted upon in the solution’s dashboard, upon successful login. These alerts ensure every product you sell is always available for your customers, thereby boosting sales.

Streamlined supply chain

Moreover, Shopventory allows you to assign items to the corresponding vendor, and vendor to the corresponding location. It stores vendor information as well as internal notes in a secure and centralized place to facilitate a simplified ordering experience. The information is accessible anytime anywhere, meaning you can assign items to vendors with ease.

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