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marzo 7, 2019
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RollWorks is an innovative ABM and B2B marketing platform designed to kindle better ROI, higher CTR, and lower CPC. The solution comes with a comprehensive set of tools that work in unison to deliver the following benefits:

Better Return on Investment

RollWorks employs machine learning to automate and constantly improve results. Besides, it uses proven data science to pinpoint high-value leads and accounts. This is coupled with over 10 years of performance marketing experience drawn from the AdRoll Group. This means RollWorks is endowed with all the qualities needed to deliver unrivaled performance to all your marketing efforts. Ultimately, the platform facilitates better ROI with their AI that never stops to improve results.

Target the right people

Although account-focused techniques optimize marketing resource, its people who make buying decisions. This means to achieve optimal business growth; your marketing must target prospects with great relevance. RollWorks’ performance-marketing reveals specific intentions, positions, and behaviors within the customer journey. It creates significant connections based on opportunity stage, role, and more to drive significant results.

Transparent reporting

Better still, transparency is a critical part of RollWorks DNA. The platform provides detailed reports that can be accessed via the dashboard, API, or your CRM system. The reports impart meaningful B2B insights, making it easy to improve performance and tie your marketing efforts to revenue both at account and contact levels.

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