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marzo 18, 2019
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Obtaining local numbers in another country where the business is not physically present

Startup X is located in London but his clientele is growing in France, Germany, and Ireland. CEO John needs his team to be able to localize their calls without having to open offices in other countries. UsingRingOver’s suite of local numbers (landline and/or mobile) in more than 60 countries, John and his team can obtain numbers in France, Germany, and Ireland so his sales team can add more credibility when connecting with clients abroad.

John can order numbers directly from his dashboard anytime he needs to and have his users continue with business as usual this time with the calling tools they need to succeed. Bonus, Johns team enjoy free unlimited outgoing calls to over 60 destinations including France, Germany, and Ireland.

Features: local numbers, outgoing number switching, self-service dashboard, free unlimited call to 60+ destinations

Startup Y needs to set up a call center phone system so his callers can connect to the right agent and his agent can track all conversations

Theo is the Head of Customer Service at Startup Y but currently, all company calls are routed through one number and, often, the calls are not picked up by the right department or agent on the first instance. Callers become frustrated having to wait long times to be connected and have their request taken.

With RingOver’s call center features, Theo is able to set up an interactive voice response system (IVR) and add a voice greeting menu which outlines a list of menu options for callers to select based on the nature of their call. His customer service agents are grouped according to function (billings, technical requests, bookings, support, VIP customers etc.) and Theo can create several call routings from the menu options to the appropriate user group.

In addition, Theo knows that his team needs to be able to know who’s calling beforehand and also track all call logs and voicemails. So, he integrates his team’s RingOver with Zoho CRM. Now, all call activities are logged in the corresponding client record in Zoho CRM and his agents can view all previous interactions with clients. Outside of working hours, Theo is able to set up a working schedule for open lines as well as an IVR voicemail with email notifications so his agents can follow up on missed calls when they return to work.

Features: IVRs, CRM integration, automatic data-sync, self-service dashboard, call logs, call recording, text-to-speech, voicemail greetings and messages, working schedule, email notifications

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