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Pobuca Connect

marzo 20, 2019
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Pobuca Connect helps teams collaborate and communicate effectively by enabling them to share business contact information seamlessly and smoothly with each other. Many employees complain that working on contact lists, from importing them from various sources to a more centralized location can be time-consuming. Also, human participation in these processes can lead to errors that can impede operations if not corrected in time. As an overview, here are the main benefits of Pobuca Connect:

Easily organize contacts

Pobuca Connect can help you make sure your personal and business contacts are separated. By ensuring you maintain an organized address book, you can avoid mix-ups and wasting time looking for the right contact information.

Accessibility to business contacts

Pobuca Connect is a cloud-based tool that enables you to access your business contacts anywhere, any time. It accelerates searching for contact details of individuals and organizations. You can also automatically update business contact lists by simply grabbing email signatures and scanning business cards as devices (desktop, browser, mobile, and Outlook) are synched.

Integrated cloud system

Pobuca Connect seamlessly integrates with any cloud solution and business software. Some examples are email marketing, single sign-on (SSO), CRM and O365 systems. This way, you eliminate the time-consuming process of transferring data.

Secured and GDPR-compliant

Pobuca Connect helps you make sure you have full control to who can access which information. As a fully GDPR-compliant solution, the product makes data protection and privacy a priority. Hence, they dont keep any copy of your contact lists. Once you delete the app, these data are also completely deleted.

Virtual assistant

Pobuca Connect has a virtual assistant called Pobuca Bot that you can find on the desktop app, Outlook add-in, Skype and Facebook Messenger. This built-in bot streamlines your tasks by updating and searching contact details for your organization.

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