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marzo 7, 2019
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Minimized No-shows

No-shows can hurt a veterinary practice as they mean a loss in revenue. Your clinic or hospital can reduce that and even eliminate it with the help of PetDesk. That is because the solution has an integrated communication system that sends appointment reminders to clients automatically. You can choose to have the software send these as emails, text messages, or push notifications. You can expect your clients to read these alerts because they interact with their smartphones and tablets often.

Aside from electronic messages, you can also send postcards to pet parents. PetDesk aids you in keeping profiles of your clients and their pets, thus allowing you to have their physical addresses on file. Not only does this show your care for their pets, but this also serves as a display of your personalized service.

Proactive Pet Health Management

Postcards and emails can only reach a fraction of your clients. With PetDesk, you can increase that number by a good margin because the solution comes with a mobile app. Through this channel, you can increase your engagement with clients and help individuals and families become better pet owners. The latter is complemented by the in-app appointment system that enables clients to schedule check-ups at their convenience. More than that, the latter reduces calls to your reception, thus letting your staff focus their attention more on patients.

Personalized Mass Interactions

Bulk email sending generalizes messages and has little room for personalization. However, PetDesk transforms that with its targeted messaging system. This enables you to send direct messages to specific pet parents and targeted emails to a particular group. Additionally, you can send announcements to everyone in your list and still make it personalized. To make this approach fruitful, PetDesks Customer Success team is on hand to assist your staff in tailoring your digital communications.

Loyalty Programs

Make every visit to your clinic more enjoyable by offering rewards. PetDesks Customer Success Team helps you design and create a loyalty program that is unique to your practice and suitable to the clients you are catering to. Because of this, you can look forward to an increase in visits and spends per visit.

Automated Review System

Instead of manually asking clients for feedback, you can receive their opinions and suggestions through the mobile app. PetDesk has a review system in place that automatically requests information from clients after every visit. You can then go through the feedback to find actionable information for improving your services. On top of that, the solution helps you boost your web presence by posting positive reviews online. This way, more clients can find their way to your practice.

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