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marzo 7, 2019
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Versatile Payment Solutions

Every business has different needs and unique specifications when it comes to processing and accepting payments. Do you prefer to accept payment via credit cards or do you want to offer your clients more payment options?

Whatever your industry demands or whatever your business needs, PaySpace provides you with packages that are very flexible to cater to your requirements. The PaySpace team offers years of experience and expertise, enabling them to collaborate with you and create solutions that really work for your business.

Detect Fraud and Prevent Chargebacks

Fraudulent transactions are one of the many causes of why many businesses suffer huge revenue losses. But with PaySpace, you have the tools to detect transactions that are likely fraudulent, thus preventing you from losing more money.

Utilizing third-party signals and services, the software analyzes your customers’ information, previous shopping history, patterns, and other indicators to determine whether a buyer is probably a fraud using someone else’s identity and information. The software effectively reduces instances of fraudulent purchases, thus eliminating chargebacks that cost your business money.

Alternative Modes of Payments

With PaySpace, you provide your customers with a number of alternative payment methods. This functionality allows them to settle their payments via channels that are readily available and convenient for them. This makes paying effortless for your customers, resulting in faster payments, better revenue.

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