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Multiple Payment Options

PayRetailers offers your business a number of payment solutions that suit your needs and your preferences. You can accept payments via the conventional credit and debit card method and through online bank transfers. You can also make it convenient for customers who don’t have a credit or debit card by allowing them to scan your item’s barcode and pay in their local currency. Whatever your payment processing requirements are, PayRetailers has got all your bases covered.

Minimize Instances of Declined Payments

Declined payments can really put a dent to your revenue generation. PayRetailers addresses that by leveraging the latest payment technologies as well as partnering with card-issuing banks to further maximize successful transaction and determine the reasons why payment is declined. Customers are made aware of what causes the declined transaction. Thus, it accelerates the resolution process and your business gets paid.

Security and Reliability Guaranteed

PayRetailers leverages bank-grade security protocols to protect all transactions and their related information. Being a Level 1 PCI DSS compliant company, PayRetailers ensures continuous innovations in terms of payment security, utilizing the best systems to secure your payment transactions and prevent unauthorized parties to access and steal critical data from your business and your customers.

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