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marzo 18, 2019
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Enterprise-Grade Property Management Suite

Payquad gives property management companies with a single, unified solution designed to streamline and accelerate all their operations. Thousands of property management companies across North America trust Payquad to get them paid on time while enabling them to elevate the resident experience.


Payquad is built with simplicity and ease of use in mind. Learning how to use the software is a breeze, whether you’re a tenant, property manager or landlord.

Seamless integrations

Integrations with a number of business systems and applications via API enables you to fully extend Payquad’s functionality. You can link Payquad to your existing accounting systems, and CRM, among others.

Online payments

Payquad makes it easy for your tenants to settle their payments by providing them with multiple payment options from any device. This makes payment convenient for your tenants and residents, which greatly lowers instances of delinquencies. All payments automatically reflect in your account on the first day of the month.

Maintenance Management

Your tenants and staff can easily submit requests for maintenance without having to fill paper forms and submitting them physically in your office. Payquad lets them create and submit maintenance requests online and supplement their requests by attaching requests. You can create and track repair or maintenance tickets to ensure that issues and concerns are addressed timely.

Tenant or Resident Portal

Payquad’s portal gives tenants what they need at their fingertips 24/7, making certain that they are satisfied. Document storage, messaging, amenity bookings, maintenance, payments and more can all be done from the portal on any internet-connected device.

Applications and Leasing

Payquad enables users to streamline the entire application and leasing process from start to finish with digital applications and online signature capabilities. The cloud-based tool simplifies managing and consolidating files using any device.

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