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Use Case 1: We need to know who gave last year but hasnt this year.

With the ‘Lapsed Donor Report you can quickly pull information from your Eleo Database that shows you who gave in a given year, but not the next. This is only one example of the 60+ valuable reports you can create with Eleo. Your data can tell you a lot about your nonprofits record of success in raising funds and cultivating supporters. Eleo provides you with the tools you need to efficiently monitor and evaluate your organizations fundraising and donor communication activities, so you can build upon what works to enhance your future efforts.

Scenario 2: Our donors’ information is all over the place. On Excel, Word, Google Pages, etc.

Eleo makes it possible to manage donor data, record and track gifts, communicate with donors, create lists and reports, schedule tasks and activities, and manage volunteers and events all through a single, easy-to-use software. Having your information in Eleo will help in reducing manual entry and eliminate duplicates. Users can also access their database anywhere, so you no longer have to worry about data being on another team members computer. Ensuring your donors data accurate and accessible will help you build stronger relationships with your supporters, and help you avoid letting losing a donor.

Scenario 3: Our donor management software is so expensive and we cant even get in contact with anyone for help.

All features, plus ongoing Live Support, are included in Eleo. The product is user-friendly and simple yet you might still have questions. Eleo has built-in help on every page with links to training videos and documents that explain specific features. If you need more information, you can also contact their support team via live chat, email, or even set up a training session at your convenience.

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Intelligent, Strategic, And Continuous SEO Auditing And Content Change Tracking

ContentKing delivers a tool that permits you to perform real-time SEO auditing and content change tracking intelligently, strategically, and continuously. With ContentKing, you are given the opportunity to be always updated on all changes happening on your website and its individual pages so you can make sure that your website and web pages are visible and searchable on search engines and performing well.

Travel Back In Time And View Historical Record Of Site/Page Changes

The search engine optimization tool keeps a detailed record of changes on your website and web pages over time. Whether those changes occurred just recently or sometime in the past, youll be able to move back to any point in time to keep track of all the changes you want to know. ContentKing enables you to identify newly added, deleted, or redirected pages on your website.

Drill Down Into Specific Changes Within Web Pages

If you want to drill down into specific changes within each web page, the software allows you to do that as well. Here, you can zoom in on a particular web page and view all the changes happened on it such as titles and meta descriptions that were added and removed as well as those changes related to “Hreflangs” and canonical links.

Hreflangs are used to guide search engines in identifying which languages, geographical locations, and audiences your pages and their contents are aimed at. Meanwhile, canonical links are implemented so that search engines can pinpoint the original source of information or content, allowing you to properly categorize duplicate contents and improve your site ranking.

Keep Track Of Robots.Txt Changes

ContentKing also enables you to keep track of technical changes on your website and web pages. For example, it permits you to monitor revisions in your websites robots.txt file. Robots.txt file is a plain-text file used for controlling how web crawlers deployed by search engines request information from websites. This text file can limit crawling only to specific pages, documents, or files so that websites dont have to deal with an enormous and overwhelming amount of crawling traffic and requests all the time. It is very important that robots.txt changes are continuously tracked because modifying this file improperly can make your website and web pages unsearchable on search engines.

Perform Page Segmentation

The search engine optimization tool allows you to group your web pages into different segments so you can systematically and strategically perform SEO auditing and optimization. With this feature, youll be able to classify pages and make sure that you can concentrate more on pages that require higher attention.

SEO Monitoring And Alerting

Monitoring site and page changes using ContentKing is a breeze. This is because the software immediately notifies you on revisions and issues that you should be aware of. When something goes wrong, and it has a serious impact on the visibility and performance of your website and web pages; ContentKing instantly raises alerts which you can access via email or from the softwares events screen. Among the issues it can raise alerts for are missing page titles and meta descriptions, breaking links, and more.

ContentKing also uses an algorithm that analyzes first how serious or critical an issue, problem, or event is before it triggers alerts. This is to ensure that you wont be bombarded and overwhelmed with too many alerts that will gravely affect your productivity. You can even deactivate all alerts especially if your website is still under the development stage.

All The Reporting Data You Need At Your Fingertips

ContentKing provides an SEO reporting feature that gives you easy access to all the essential information you need, enabling you to visualize, explore, and analyze data about the site and page modifications, issues, and alerts. This feature organizes data in dashboards in real time, making it much easier for you to come up with insights. In case you are managing multiple websites, ContentKing enables you to find out whats happening on all these websites from a central place where you can access a helicopter view or a general view or description of your websites health and issues.

Google Search Console And Google Analytics Integrations

The search engine optimization and digital marketing software can seamlessly and harmoniously work with other popular tools like Google Search Console and Google Analytics. You can integrate ContentKing with these tools to collect valuable data, statistics, and metrics which include impressions, clicks, click- through rates, positions, pageviews, page values, and bounce rates.

Extract Data To Any External Platform

You can also integrate the software with your existing portal or other external platforms through the aid of its reporting API. With this integration, youll be able to export any data stored within ContentKing to any tool of your choice for whatever purpose.

Adapts To Your Existing Publishing Workflows

Moreover, ContentKing offers another API which permits you to integrate the software with the content management systems you are using like WordPress. Here, you can create and edit pages and contents, and at the same time, perform SEO auditing. In the event that ContentKing detects issues that may affect site and page visibility and performance, you can jump straight to the specific pages in your content management system and make the necessary adjustments and changes. Therefore, you can incorporate the software into your existing publishing workflows to boost your efficiency and productivity.

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Text Request

Convert People Into Prospects And Customers Through SMS Messaging

One of the powerful features built into Text Request is that it is an online business SMS solution built to help you convert people into prospects and customers. Texting is the method of communication that many prefer as they are reaching out to a company. This is because SMS messaging gives them convenience, mobility, and flexibility they need. With Text Request, people can engage with you through the method of communication that they truly love.

Add Click-To-Text Features/Buttons

Text Request provides you with the capability to add click-to-text features or buttons to your existing website, Adwords ads, Google My Business listings, and business Instagram profile. For example, you can incorporate a click-to-text button to your Google My Business listing so people who are searching for things related to the products or services you are offering using the Google search engine can contact you via text messaging once they are able to find your business on Googles search results. This makes it easy for you to capture and generate prospects straight from Googles search results. With Text Request, you can now transform ordinary mobile ad viewers, Instagram followers, and website visitors into valuable leads and customers.

Send A Single Text Message To Multiple Contacts At Once

The online business text messaging service has a feature called BCC group messaging. This feature enables you to send a single text message to multiple contacts at once. This streamlines your communication process and helps you ensure that youre able to reach out to different contacts in a consistent manner. In addition, although youre sending the same text message to all the people belonging to the group you set up, responses are delivered back to you individually and not by group.

Use Your Current Business Number

Another interesting feature present in Text Request is that it allows you to use your current business number, whether its a landline number, toll-free number, or VoIP number. In other words, the number you are using for making calls can also be used for sending out text messages. You can integrate Text Request with your existing voice services and systems, thereby protecting your past and current communication technology investments.

Send Text Messages From Any Web Page

You can take advantage of the capabilities of Text Request anywhere online and even within other applications. This is because the service is built with integration features that make text messaging more flexible than ever before. Text Request comes with a Chrome extension that enables you to send text messages right straight from a web page. All you have to do is to click on any number displayed on a web page, and then you can already instantly deliver the message you want to the owner of that number.

Integration With CRM Systems And Other Applications

Text Request can also be integrated with CRM systems like Salesforce, Bullhorn, and HubSpot. As a result, you will be able to receive text messages and access recorded text conversations within your existing CRM system. Moreover, the online business text messaging service provides a robust set of APIs and webhooks that can help you automate your communication processes, move information about text conversations between multiple applications, and ensure that the service adapts to your existing infrastructures, systems, and processes.

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Consolidates All Communications In A Unified Solution

Real-time communication is among the great features offered by Beekeeper. Beekeeper is a unified team communication solution; therefore, it consolidates all internal communications in one place. Employees can exchange messages with each other individually or by group instantly without the need to use phone numbers or send emails. The app also enables them to centralize the way they store and share files, documents, and contents. As a result, they will be able to increase their productivity and deliver excellent customer service.

Unified Communication Channels

Beekeeper is also built with predefined communication streams or channels which enhance how employees engage with specific teams within their organization or their organization in its entirety. They can use these channels to share news, updates, and protocols which can be categorized using labels. Because of this, their colleagues can easily search for the information they need. In addition, the app provides users with the ability to define who can access contents as well as assign moderator privileges and roles to selected individuals. If they want to highlight and recognize the achievements of their employees, the communication streams can be used for such purpose, too. This allows users to set up a work environment where employees are being motivated and inspired to work and perform better.

Eliminates Communication Barriers Through Instant Translation

The employee application eliminates barriers in communication, making it sure that employees are able to get the right message, information, and content wherever they are located at and whatever language they are using. With Beekeeper, contents including posts and comments can be automatically translated into different languages. This capability of the app gives room for workforce diversity, improves employee engagement, and reduces instances of miscommunication that sometimes lead to mistakes and safety hazards.

Automates Your Workflows

Beekeeper facilitates the digitization of workforces because it automates workflows. This way, employees can work and collaborate more efficiently and effectively and accomplish their tasks faster. The app streamlines communication processes by enabling users to set up trigger-based workflows, allowing them to ensure that the right messages are delivered to the right employees at the right time. Beekeeper is also equipped with chatbots that enable users to automatically manage HR and IT requests.

Run Automated Confirmation Campaigns

Moreover, the app lets them run automated confirmation campaigns by which they will be able to schedule announcements in advance and send them out to employees automatically. Here, employees can confirm that they were able to receive and view the announcements along with the information they contain. This information may have something to do with the crisis, safety, or regulatory matters. This promotes accountability, as employees are obliged to act upon whatever message, information, and announcement they are receiving. At the same time, this feature ensures that everyone is not missing any critical communication, enabling employees to be updated about changes in schedules, maintenance tasks, or events.

Create And Distribute Surveys

The capability to create and distribute surveys is another feature included in Beekeeper. With this feature, users can understand the pulse of employees across their organization. The app permits them to create and distribute surveys in just a few clicks and gather feedback from their employees. This way, they will be able to generate valuable insights to verify if employees are aligned with the goals and processes of the organization, improve employee satisfaction, reduce turnover rates, and optimize how employees engage.

Extensive Integration Capabilities

Beekeeper also comes with integration capabilities that help users streamline their operations and processes, improve employee productivity, and enable access to more data. It has a marketplace of cloud-based applications that they can integrate with the platform. In case the cloud applications they want the platform to be integrated with is not available on the marketplace, they can build their own custom connectors and integrations. In addition, they can integrate Beekeeper with human resource information systems like ADP, SAP SuccessFactors, BambooHR, and UltiPro to centralize the management of employee lifecycle and synchronize users between multiple HRIS solutions.

Analytics and Insights

To wrap it up, the employee application enables users to capitalize on data, converting data into valuable insights and letting them come up with data-driven decisions. Beekeeper offers an analytics dashboard that shows them all the data they need so they can monitor and analyze employee communications and engagements within the app. This helps them improve their existing processes, satisfy employees better, and achieve organizational growth.

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Constant Peace of Mind

KidReports is designed especially to give parents peace of mind regarding the safety and well-being of their children. That is why the solution sends regular updates to guardians regarding students day in school through push notifications, email, or text. It also provides seamless communication tools that let parents get in touch with the school or center immediately for reassurance or other issues. To complement that, the application allows teachers and minders to upload photos of childrens activities in school for parents to check to keep them updated.

Drop-off Records

Aside from daily school activities, parents can also keep a record of drop-offs for their children using KidReports mobile apps. This lets them keep track of who are taking their kids to school on their behalf and on what time. Thus, they can cooperate with teachers to look out for the welfare and security of their children.

Advanced Activity Planning

Children are energetic creatures and need to be active most of the time. To ensure that they enjoy their stay at the center and learn new things at the same time, KidReports allow teachers and principals to pre-plan activities. They can store this in the system for easy access throughout the day and for reference for future plans.

Family Management

KidReports understand that childrens security is at the foremost of the minds of center and school managers. KidReports helps you reassure parents that their kids are safe in your facilities by helping you compile a list of family members. This way, you know exactly who are authorized to pick up children from the center.

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