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marzo 20, 2019
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Enhanced Sales Team Productivity

Lucrativ provides you with a robust engagement hub with multichannel customer connectivity capability. Productivity tools such as the integrated dialer, bulk SMS, calendar/scheduler, and more enable you and your team to create and organize tasks and priorities, capture and analyze data, contact and engage clients, and generate more deals effectively and efficiently.

Team Empowerment via Gamification

Friendly competition can be a huge driving factor in team productivity and efficiency. With Lucrativ’s gamification tools such as custom scoreboards, leaderboards, and goals, your team members are more than motivated to accomplish their tasks, give productive outputs, and deliver exceptional results. Aside from achieving better results, these gamification features help in instilling positive behaviors and promote best practices.

Maximize Your Opportunities

Opportunities come at any time, which is why it is best that you are equipped to answer even when you are not around at the office. Lucrativ’s mobile CRM ensures that you are always informed whenever opportunities arise. You get notifications whenever a milestone has been reached or a critical task has been completed. Whatever the case, Lucrativ makes sure that you know what going on in real-time.

Custom Workflows, Processes, and Reports

Lucrativ can be customized to address your unique business needs. From fields and forms, modules, dashboards and reports, you are in charge of how you want Lucrativ to function for you and provide you with data and analysis in a way you want.

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