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Loyalty Reward Stamp

marzo 12, 2019
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Intuitive and Easy To Use

Loyalty Reward Stamp does not require you and your staff to be technically adept to utilize the software. The platform is designed to be user-friendly for all user types and is ready to go once you’re done with the setup.

The neat interface makes it simple for you and your team to navigate around the software, create and manage reward promos, send branded messages about your latest deals to your customers in just a few clicks, and identify who among your customers is bringing in more business so you can reward them handsomely, thus empowering them to become loyal brand ambassadors and encouraging other customers to follow suit.

Making Punch Cards Mobile

Punch cards were highly effective in building and maintaining customer loyalty. But modern businesses are now going paperless and digital and mobile, and the punch card is fast becoming an outdated marketing tool. Millennials don’t bring paper cards wherever they go. But what they carry with them almost all the time? Their mobile phones.

With Loyalty Reward Stamp, you can generate digital punch cards for your customers. Whenever they make a purchase or dine at your restaurant, they can whip out their phones and punch a hole at their virtual cards. No more instances of punch cards getting lost or ripped accidentally. Customers can easily track their progress and effortlessly claim their rewards without a hitch and you can easily confirm their purchases by accessing their purchase history.

Leverage Social Media Exposure

When your loyal customers for spread word about your business in social media platforms, you enjoy a huge boost from a marketing standpoint. Loyalty Reward Stamp helps you empower your customers to share your information, promos, and deals with their social network by providing them incentives for their actions, like a free meal when they get 100 likes.

Social networks are where many of your target customers are located. Being able to reach them via word of mouth from people they trust can generate loads of interest, hype, and ultimately revenue.

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