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Lentiq EdgeLake

marzo 22, 2019
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Cross-Environment Portability

Lentiq EdgeLake is a portable and scalable data pool solution that can work in different environments. As such, you can expect to use the same set of applications, data, and user interface even when you switch between multiple cloud platforms.

Apart from that, this enables remote offices to leverage the tools on their own for faster generation of insights.

Multi-Cloud Platform

Since Lentiq EdgeLake data pools are housed in numerous cloud service providers, you can avoid vendor lock-ins. That is while you ensure that your data teams have the resources they need to work in an optimized manner. Moreover, this capability allows you to cut down cloud costs and maximize the skills of every team member.

Publish & Subscribe Concept

Emails are a thing of yesterday when it comes to sharing information among data pools. Lentiq EdgeLake has a subscription feature that allows users to opt-in to notifications whenever additions and other changes are made to relevant data sets.

Jupyter as a Service

Lentiq EdgeLake supports Jupyter as a Service. Members can integrate Jupyter with the system and collaborate on the environment. It even has an automated environment that foregoes the need for an ops team to run it.

Spark as a Service

Aside from Jupyter, Lentiq EdgeLake supports Spark. It can provide you with dedicated clusters for every workload that you may have. It is also reliable and resilient, thus you can count on it for your daily and critical projects.

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