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marzo 7, 2019
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Personalized Service

For businesses who encounter loyal patrons on a regular basis, it is beneficial to have customer engagement tools within reach. With these, you can offer personalized services and even promotions to show your appreciation of their business. KORONA assists you in this regard with its variety of hospitality features. It can store information about your repeat customers that you can refer to for expediting and tailoring services for them. Other than that, the system has a discounts and promotions module that lets you create a loyalty program that can entice more consumers and increase loyalty to the brand.

On-access Inventory Management

Customers are wont to ask the cashier for the availability of products. KORONA makes answering questions such as these a painless task with its integrated inventory management module. The back office team can employ this for adding products, editing prices and descriptions, and for keeping track of item numbers. Because this is connected with the front office, the stock is updated as soon as a sale is completed. As a result, both front and back office teams have up-to-the-minute information regarding availability and can readily answer customer queries along that line.

Complete Employee Module

What makes KORONA a powerful system is its ability to integrate different modules. This way, you only need one software to meet your different business needs. The application demonstrates this with its suite of employee management tools. From the same POS interface, you can assign roles and permissions, keep track of working times, and monitor commissions. These are all beneficial in ensuring the appropriate and fair compensation for employees hard work as well as the security of your business data.

Real-time Data Updates

Aside from updating stocks in real-time, KORONA also keeps you posted on the activities of your locations. Because of this, you can pay attention to details and take immediate action in case of issues. You can even utilize this feature to roll out surprise promotions to help you increase sales on slow days.

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