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marzo 20, 2019
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Fast and Seamless Ordering Process

Koomi was built to address the needs of quick service and fast casual restaurants (cafes and bakeries, food trucks, sushi stands, gourmet burger, and salad bars). That is to move line-ups faster to slash down the long customer wait times. With its intuitive interface, your staff can punch in items in a few, quick clicks, shortening the process of taking orders.

For restaurants that offer tableside ordering, your staff can take orders directly at the table and keep the orders open until your diners are done with their meal. You can also take orders from customers waiting in line and send their orders to the kitchen-based tablet. This greatly shortens waiting time, thus, preventing customer loss and increase revenue during peak hours

Intuitive and User-Friendly

Koomi is extremely straightforward. It has a short leaning curve. In fact, it can only take about 15 minutes for you and your staff to get fully acquainted with the platform and its features.

Dedicated Customer Support

Koomi provides you with a team of product support specialists whenever you need them. Responsive and highly knowledgeable, Koomi’s Customer Support team gives you the answers and expertise you need whenever you experience an issue with Koomi.

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