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marzo 7, 2019
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Constant Peace of Mind

KidReports is designed especially to give parents peace of mind regarding the safety and well-being of their children. That is why the solution sends regular updates to guardians regarding students day in school through push notifications, email, or text. It also provides seamless communication tools that let parents get in touch with the school or center immediately for reassurance or other issues. To complement that, the application allows teachers and minders to upload photos of childrens activities in school for parents to check to keep them updated.

Drop-off Records

Aside from daily school activities, parents can also keep a record of drop-offs for their children using KidReports mobile apps. This lets them keep track of who are taking their kids to school on their behalf and on what time. Thus, they can cooperate with teachers to look out for the welfare and security of their children.

Advanced Activity Planning

Children are energetic creatures and need to be active most of the time. To ensure that they enjoy their stay at the center and learn new things at the same time, KidReports allow teachers and principals to pre-plan activities. They can store this in the system for easy access throughout the day and for reference for future plans.

Family Management

KidReports understand that childrens security is at the foremost of the minds of center and school managers. KidReports helps you reassure parents that their kids are safe in your facilities by helping you compile a list of family members. This way, you know exactly who are authorized to pick up children from the center.

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