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IXACT Contact

marzo 7, 2019
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Simplified Contact Management

With IXACT Contact, you can keep your contacts’ information in a single place. Going through profiles is also a pleasant task, as the solution has a visually pleasing user interface. More than that, the platform can integrate with Google, Outlook, and other solutions to make it easier for you to capture leads. As such, you can build your contacts database with the help of your existing investments.

Contact Communication & Intelligence

Timing is key in winning over new customers and repeat businesses. That is why IXACT Contact has an intelligence module that tells you when is the right time to get in touch with potential clients. On top of that, the application keeps you posted of important events such as birthdays, anniversaries, and more so you can communicate with clients and show them your personalized service on those days.

Easy Email Marketing

Creating attractive newsletters is usually a specialized task for designers. However, IXACT Contact empowers you to send visually appealing email communications every month. That is because the IXACT Contact team builds one for you to assist you in building stronger relationships with your contacts. Additionally, these newsletters are automated to afford you more time nurturing your contacts.

Ready-to-Go Website

Building a website that can capture leads for you is time-consuming. But with IXACT Contact, you get one automatically. You can customize this as you see fit and even integrate it with your social media accounts. With this professional digital front, you can attract more leads and gather information from them with ease.

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