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marzo 11, 2019
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Automated Procurement Processes

IntowebProcurement Software makes the whole procurement process a breeze. It automates many tasks, which dramatically accelerates the whole journey from planning to purchasing and acquisition to reporting. Faster acquisition translates to faster utilization of the items acquired, which means better and faster ROI.

Better Planning and Forecasting

With Intoweb, you are able to make detailed plans before you place the order. The software lets you coordinate in between departments at any level, determine the material and equipment they require, check that against your inventory, and make reliable projections of how your orders will impact your operations and their efficiency. You are able to plan ahead, make viable schedules for your staff, assign your resources, and more, ensuring that your business operates at an optimum level prior and after you make the procurement.

Work Within A Budget

Intowebnot only helps you automate and manage the procurement process but also empower you and your staff to practice responsible inventory management especially if you are operating within a specific budget. The software encourages you to manage your inventory and utilize your resources efficiently. Intowebhelps you eliminate unnecessary procurements and wasteful ordering, which means you save money that you can use to fund other projects, tasks, and priorities.

Find Cost-Effective Suppliers

With IntowebProcurement module, you are able to gather and cross-examine information on suppliers and find the ones that are able to provide you with the items that you are looking for at the lowest costs.

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