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A Global Reach

Ikajo has a very wide and massive reach, making it an ideal payment processing partner for online merchants and e-commerce businesses that operate in international markets or have ambitions to scale up globally. The platform operates in 249 countries and boasts strong partnerships with more than 50 major international banking corporations from all over the world.

Your customers have the freedom to pay you via channels and methods that are most convenient to them, regardless of their location. And you don’t have to worry about not getting paid because of snags along the way. Ikajo makes sure that you get your money quickly and securely.

Prevent Fraud and Win More Chargebacks

Ikajo has top-tier fraud protection measures in place, enabling you to easily detect and prevent fraudulent transactions as well as win more chargebacks.

Affordable Transaction Fees

Most payment processing service providers ask for ridiculous fees that could put a dent to your operational budget. But not Ikajo. Their fees start very low at 1.2%. Not only you get paid quickly and easily, but you also get to keep most of your money. Lower transaction fees translate to better revenue. And more revenue means better and bigger growth for your business.

Security For Your Customers

Your customers and their data is a paramount concern. With Ikajo, you know their information is safe from unauthorized parties. They employ bank-grade security measures and adhere to the highest security standards and compliance to make sure their data is not breached.

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