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marzo 21, 2019
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Harbortouch helps to make your transactional processes more efficient, offering the following key benefits:

Streamlined Operations

Operations arestreamlined as all tools necessary to run a restaurant or retail business are available in one hub. Apart from processing payments, Harbortouch also has CRM features, check services, cash advance tools, ATM, and e-commerce support.

Live Reporting Data

Users have remote access to online reports of real-time sales 24/7. Business owners can opt to work anytime and anywhere as all data are accessible online. Sales and labor can be tracked. Product reports are delivered instantly and menu plans can be prepared remotely.

Online Reputation Management

Harbortouch has a tool that pools and organizes the ratings and reviews for your business from multiple online platforms. Through this feature, it allows its users to check ratings and reviews and promptly reply in a manner in line with branding.

Increased Foot Traffic

Harbortouch can effectively increase foot traffic as it can install an automated teller machine or ATM in your restaurant or retail vicinity. Money is made easily accessible so customers will be encouraged to avail themselves of your products and service. The entire installation process is hassle-free and handled by Harbortouch.

Fraud Prevention

Harbortouch offers five different sets of hardware for restaurants and retail businesses. One set is entirely dedicated to preventing fraudulent acts. Included is advanced hardware for verifying checks where businesses can easily countercheck account balance. This way, restaurants, and shops are alerted of negative check writers and risky check transactions.

High-Security Level

Harbortouch incorporated tokenization in its tools. Tokenization is a modern security measure where sensitive data is encrypted to provide customers and businesses with an extra layer of protection against hacking and fraudulent acts. Giving security prime importance encourages customers to perform repeat transactions.

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