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marzo 22, 2019
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1. HMRC says that it will cost around 270 to make the transition to digital this is not true if you use GoSimpleTax, starting from only 30 per submission.

2. Loss of receipts can be costly every 100 receipt lost, is around 29 of tax relief lost. The GoSimpleTax App allows you to record receipts directly into your tax return and in the right category. A copy of the receipt will be stored in your GoSimpleTax account.

This innovative feature also allows you to be prepared for next year making your return for the following year even easier. All your data will automatically be transferred into next year’s return and you will also see all the receipts you have scanned into GoSimpleTax allocated in the relevant expenses.

3. Knowing what tax allowances are available to you and also keeping up-to-date with changes in legislation can be complicated GoSimpleTax automatically takes into consideration any changes in legislation year on year and ensures you are aware of applicable allowances.

As you enter your income and expenses, GoSimpleTax will automatically update your tax liability, giving a true picture of the amount you owe or need to claim back.

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