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marzo 19, 2019
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New employee device setup and onboarding

For fast-growing companies that hire often, setting up new devices often becomes one of the IT team or office management’s most time-consuming tasks.

With Fleetsmith’s True Zero Touch Deployment, admins can define the way they want their device to be set up ahead of time, then dropship a computer directly to their new employees. The device will configure itself the first time it’s booted up: creating user accounts, downloading necessary apps, encrypting the drive, and setting up printer drivers and WiFi, for a start.

Patching and enforcement

To ensure device security, it’s critical that the OS and apps are always updated so that critical bugs and security holes get patched out quickly. Fleetsmith automates this process for the OS and more than 70 of the most used business apps.

Rather than having to manually download, package, and deploy new versions, admins simply have to tell Fleetsmith which versions to run. Fleetsmith takes care of silently updating in the background if possible, prompting the user to manually update if not, and enforcing an update if it is not performed by the due date the admin sets.

Device intelligence

Fleetsmith Intelligence provides real-time visibility into the entire device fleet, exposing business and security risks before it’s too late. It answers tough questions like whether devices are running the latest operating system, whether encryption and firewall are enabled, and how much free space is left on each hard drive. Then it provides simple, 1-click remediation for any problems it finds, saving time and resources.

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