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File Request Pro

marzo 11, 2019
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Receive in your cloud drive

John really has this need in order to be able to have files in the right place. For example, whenever he request a file with people he works with (internal and external), everyone sends their file in their own way: WeTransfer, DropBox, and Mega, among others.

Then, he has to download the file on my PC, and then upload it or sync it to my OneDrive for a business account. What a waste of time for everyone.

File Request Pro manages and syncs file automatically in the cloud.

Receive confidential information

Pat runs a mortgage broker. Personal documents, tax, bank statements, etc. are a huge liability to having them floating around in an email.

File Request Pro provides a secure hub for files to be kept private.

Receive Big Files

Erika needs to receive big files from her customers in order to complete tax reporting. She needs to invite her customers and prospects to upload documents without requiring them to download a program or register at yet another service.

File Request Pro is easily accessible in the cloud for your clients and customers.

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