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marzo 7, 2019
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Cheaper Than Traditional Training Methods

EntrenarSE is an online platform, which means everything is now digital and the overall training and performance evaluation is paperless.

That equates to huge savings on your end as you don’t have to spend money and resources creating and distributing training courses, books, paper-based tests, and quizzes as well as pay for rooms where trainers and trainees meet as well as their equipment needed for their training.

You save as much as 60% on training and development costs, a huge chunk of your budget that you can spend on other pressing and critical priorities.

Centralized Learning Structure

Your trainers and trainees have access to the same information, the same courses, and the same tools, regardless of their location. This ensures that all learning strategies implemented are uninformed and evaluations on performance and progress are based on the same standards, metrics, KPIs, and more.

Collaboration and communication for trainers are clearer and more productive, enabling them to provide high-quality training. Trainees are empowered to learn at a rapid pace as well since geographical barriers and time constraints no longer hinder their access to information and instruction. As learning becomes more efficient, trainees become indispensable assets to the company in no time.

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