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marzo 8, 2019
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Scenario 1: Sending a secure document to a new client

You have an engagement letter or contract with a clients personal data and project details to send securely. But first, you must create a client portal account, or if sending an encrypted email, call the client on the phone to provide them a special password. Now your client must sign up or login before you can send your first secure document. That is a lot of time wasted and a big hassle for your client to get even the first document from you.

With Encyro, you simply send the sensitive document to the clients email address. Encyro automatically creates the client account and offers them options to retrieve the secure message, either with a single click or with a password. You save time and the client gets the document quickly.

Features: Send secure to any email address

Scenario 2: Requesting clients to send a secure document

Need the client to send you a sensitive file, but wait, has the client created their portal account? Or do you need to create a special folder or upload link for them, the process you repeat for every client?

With Encyro, you get a single upload link that you can send to any client. Place this link in your email request, website, or even in your email signature so your clients have it handy whenever they want to send you something sensitive. All that the client has to do is click that link and then send you their message or files using that web page. No login necessary when sending.

Features: Receive from anyone without asking them to create an Encyro account.

Scenario 3: Get a signed document scanned and returned

Need a client to sign a paper document, scan it and then send it to you securely through your client portal or your encrypted email service? That is a lot of steps for your client. With Encyro, your client can simply access your Encyro upload page from their smartphone. Encyro shows them a Take Photo button, so they click a photo of the signed document with their phone camera and send it quickly.

Features: Mobile friendly upload page, Receive without password

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