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marzo 11, 2019
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Elevio is a modern-day customer success platform built to ensure all products are easy to learn. The solution is geared towards offering self-service support and improving product education to reduce support load and increase retention. Some of its salient benefits include:

Minimal support load

Elevio prioritizes self-served support and education over the labor-intensive, assisted support channels. This is done with the knowledge that most consumers are happy when helping themselves than contacting customer support. The solution intelligently delivers the guidance and resources that consumers need, helping them grow a lasting bond with the product. By contextually placing the content on-site, you actively eliminate customer tickets. Besides, it instantly resolves issues that would have otherwise bombarded other customer support channels. This makes life easier for both the customer and your support staff.

Simplified knowledge centered support

In addition, Elevio presents a powerful tool called the Hub. The Hub offers a conducive workspace where all employees contribute to improving your documents. The feature takes into account the effort of every employee making it easy to maintain documents that are accurate, up to date, and as comprehensive as they ought to be. Besides, the solution blends data analysis and feedback using machine learning to support continuous user education.

Instant contextual support

Better still, Elevio comes with Hotspots and Assistant features. These features allow you to deliver instant, pertinent support content within your product. They remove the irritation of consumers having to move offsite or wait for customer support staff to solve simple issues. Moreover, Elevio eliminates the hurdles that inhibit customer success. It allows customer support staff to enhance your websites user experience (UX) designs without the need for specialized IT skills.

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