Digital Assistant

Digital Assistant

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Smart Assistant Connection

Digital Assistant fully integrates with your ecosystem. Because of that, it can work seamlessly with other smart assistants that you may have: Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, or Google Assistant. This means that you can access Digital Assistant through any of the three to get to the core of your workplace.

Consolidated Notifications

Since Digital Assistant can connect with a wide array of enterprise solutions, it can draw notifications from them and put them in one place. This lets you declutter your digital work zone and allows you to streamline your management of alerts, too. Apart from that, the enterprise AI creates cards, which can condense complex information into easily digestible formats like graphs and charts. Thus, you can take action with a single click or tap.

Instant Answers

Instead of accessing several apps to find the answers you need, you only have to call on Digital Assistant for instant results. Therefore, you can reduce your time spent searching for knowledge and gain insights fast to enhance your productivity.

Increased User Happiness

Digital Assistant declutters and organizes digital workplaces. This means that users have to go to a single app to access modern tools and perform a broad range of tasks. Additionally, they can take the adenin AI wherever they go on whichever device they prefer so they can make informed decisions anytime.

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