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marzo 23, 2019
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Better Daycare Administration

Cubsta is built to specifically to improve the way daycare facilities are run. The software is a product of close collaboration with parents, childcare services professionals, and industry experts, built on knowledge and expert feedback on what hampers daycare administration and what is needed to significantly improve its operations.

Cubsta introduces a more seamless and effective way to manage daycare establishment by eliminating time-intensive paperwork and introducing a more virtual way of communication and update between daycare professionals and parents. The software also centralizes information, tasks, and more, allowing for daycare facilities to manage multiple facets of their business including enrollment, invoicing, billing, and communication.

Easy Access

Being a web-based solution, Cubsta can be accessed by administrators, educators, and parents from any device anytime and anywhere. Whether you are a daycare teacher or a parent who wants to know the latest on their kids, you can easily access the system using a single URL via Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, and Smartphones.

Communication between daycare and parents is a breeze. A few clicks and you can send emails, newsletters, and updates to parents, providing them a with a clear picture of what’s going on and how their kids are performing.

Secure Platform

Cubsta utilizes industry-grade security protocols and means to ensure the security and safety of its information over the web, including every child’s digital footprint.

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