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marzo 7, 2019
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Scenario 1: All-in-one event management solution organizes complex events

A large 2,500-person conference had been using a well known, established competitor product for event management. The ClearEvent all-in-one solution allowed the customer to sell tickets online for their event (as they had in prior years), but also enabled a robust online registration of hundreds of vendors, speakers, volunteers, delegates and staff to their conference.

Key information about all attendee types was captured as desired by the organizer. Control over which vendors were accepted to exhibit was done using an optional Manual Approval. No payments were accepted until approval was provided so there was no hassle dealing with refunds that sometimes occurs with an automated approval process. A built-in to-do list ensured important action items were captured with a visible owner and shared with the entire organizing team which prevented things from getting missed.

The included ClearEvent Mobile Event App (also known as the Event Portal) enabled mobile ticket purchases or registration prior to the conference. During the conference, the Mobile App allowed for easy communication to attendees around schedules, last-minute schedule changes, or group-specific messages to everyone. The event was so successful they decided to split into two events the following year (an East coast and a West coast event).

The event organizer could market to previous attendees with the right message (vendor vs delegate vs ticket purchaser vs volunteer and geography) because of known contact details captured the prior year. For vendors specifically, the organizers were able to incentivize vendor registration to attend both conferences in year two by providing a discount Promo Code if they signed up for both conferences at the same time. Built-in reports about the attendees, revenues and budget were exportable to Excel for ease of manipulation if desired.

Scenario 2: Event details preserved. No loss of domain expertise due to team turn over.

Small event organizing team that runs a large annual community street fair to raise awareness for local businesses. More than 300 business vendors register for a booth slot at the fair which caters to thousands of local residents.

Tragedy strikes when the event organizer who has been doing this for years is diagnosed with cancer and completely drops out of event participation and two months later sadly passes away. The rest of the event committee is able to carry on with the event since critical details of the event and contacts are preserved in ClearEvents Event Management Platform.

Real-time budget and Event dashboard enable immediate status of the event and, therefore, seamless transition with the transfer of knowledge to someone much less familiar with organizing the event.The Roll Over feature allowed easy set up of next years event by someone completely new to the position yet retaining the consistency of vendor reach and organization of years past. Loss of domain expertise from team turns over, even if the key event organizer is minimized using ClearEvent.

Scenario 3: Value for money. Aligning ClearEvents success with our customers success.

Organizing a fundraising dinner event. The event organizer will use the Online Tickets feature charge admission as well as provide additional donation options for those that cannot attend or would like to contribute more to the cause. ClearEvent offers a free plan option with access to all the premium features.

Different ticket types can be set up on the free plan (such as Adult Admission vs Child Admission vs Super Donor contribution for those who would like to contribute more).

Online tickets sold through ClearEvent have two transactions fees. One is a standard credit card processing fee of 2.9% +$0.30 per successful credit card charge (fairly universal regardless of the software platform used). The other is the ClearEvent fee of 2.35% +$0.70 per ticket with a $15 fee cap. In this case, a buyer purchased one adult ticket ($100), one child ticket ($50) and contributed an additional $5000 donation to the cause as a Super Donor contribution. Fees to ClearEvent would total $19.93 ($3.05 for the $100 ticket, $1.88 for the $50 ticket, and $15 cap applies to the $5000 donation).

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