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Flawless Event Registration

Aventri is packed with features and tools that make it easy for users to produce premium, inspiring, and unforgettable meeting and event experiences. Event registration is one of the core features and tools included in Aventri. The platform is designed to make the process of registering to meetings or events as perfect as possible. It permits users to build an attractive and mobile-responsive registration site that registering attendees can access from any device.

Aside from creating a registration site, Aventri provides users with the ability to build custom registration workflows. These workflows are very important because they guide attendees all throughout the registration process, helping them enter the right information and access the right content. They can create registration workflows depending on which category participants belong to, such as if they are an attendee, exhibitor, or sponsor. Using these workflows, attendees can access pre-loaded information, answer profile questions, and select whatever sessions they prefer.

Aventri also supports integration with leading payment gateways like Paypal, Stripe, Authorize.Net, and CyberSource. Because of this, attendees are given multiple options for sending payments online while they are registering. Moreover, the platform enables users to collect payments in multiple currencies. In fact, it supports more than 40 currencies, allowing them to accept payments globally.

A Digital Business Card That Automates Check-In/Out Processes

The event management platform offers a unique feature called Aventri Smart Tag. This is actually a small device that attendees can wear while they are joining meeting or event sessions. The Aventri Smart Tag is a digital version of the typical business card, and it serves various purposes. Attendees can use this to automatically check-in and check-out. Because the tag is a wireless device that can connect to other devices via Bluetooth, attendees no longer need to do manual check-in/out such as wiping or scanning cards or badges.

Let Your Attendees Discover Connections And Networking Opportunities

Another purpose of the tag is that it enhances and innovates networking. The Aventri Smart Tag enables attendees to share contact information with each other effortlessly. They will be able to instantly capture the number of connections they made from each session, sessions they participated, and exhibitors they engaged with.

Monitor Attendance, Track Attendee Journey, And Capture Valuable Information

Users themselves can also utilize the tag for various purposes. For example, they can leverage it for attendance monitoring, allowing them to find out the exact number of people who are checking in and checking out of sessions, and how long attendees are staying at sessions. Through the aid of this tag, they can, likewise, monitor the journey of an attendee. Here, they will be able to determine what type of session the attendee is most interested in and which exhibitors he or she is visiting most of the time. Moreover, the Aventri Smart Tag lets them identify attendees that are able to successfully connect to a large number of people, making them highly influential.

Efficient And Strategic Venue Sourcing

One of the most challenging and time-consuming tasks related to event planning is venue sourcing. However, with Aventri, this task can be performed efficiently and strategically. The event management platform gives users full control over the entire venue sourcing process, from searching for the right venues for meetings and events, sending requests for proposal (RFP), to tracking and managing bids and negotiations.

Aventri allows users to easily look for the right venues where they will host their meetings or events. They can apply filters to ensure that they find venues that match their specific meeting or event requirements and needs. In addition, the platform consolidates all the important data they need in a central place, including event and meeting registration information and supplier intelligence. Aventri enables them to send requests for proposal electronically and start collecting bids.

Since the platform centralizes data, users can run bidding and negotiation processes much faster. They can easily monitor the exchange of information and messages during these processes, keep track of changes and rebids, and determine how much they need to spend and how much money they can save for each deal.

Easy Event Floor Plan Designing And Management

Aventri is equipped with a tool that makes it possible for users to design and manage interactive floor plans that show the booth spaces where meetings, events, and exhibitions can be held. This tool is called the Booth Manager. Booth Manager permits them to generate a visual representation of all their available booth spaces that sponsors and exhibitors can buy online. As they create and design floor plans, they will be able to set and assign a rate to each booth space included in the plans based on its size, location, and other factors.

Attendees can also access these floor plans so theyll know where the exhibitors are located during the sessions. Moreover, Aventi allows users to give exhibitors access to floor plans so they can customize the booth spaces they purchased with contents and details that will enable them to attract more attendees for their sessions.

Table And Seat Plans

In addition, the event management platform delivers a tool that allows the creation and designing of seating and table plans and charts. As users do this, they can set rules for each table that define what categories of attendees are allowed to occupy the seats assigned to each table such as delegates, speakers, sponsors or staff. They can also apply color codes so they can easily distinguish different table profiles. Another great thing about this feature is that it gives attendees the freedom to choose where they want to sit, allowing them to communicate and interact with people they are comfortable with.

Smoothly Handle Event Logistics

With Aventri, users can smoothly handle the logistics aspect of meetings and events. This involves scheduling rooms and the needed resources for sessions like audio and visual equipment, food, and event staff. Aventri actually centralizes event logistics management which means users no longer have to use separate tools for setting up and managing rooms inventory and allocating resources to rooms. They can assign sessions, meeting and event groups, and resources to various rooms by just doing a simple drag-and-drop. Room specifications and information can be exported as Excel or PDF files and shared with others like event planners, on-site and venue organizers, hotel catering staff, and audio and visual equipment providers, keeping everyone in the loop.

Manage Your Event Finances Effortlessly

Aventri is shipped with a financial tool that makes it simple for users to handle all the finances associated with their meetings and events. This tool permits them to create different meeting and event budget categories using templates. The financial tool can help them monitor how much they are spending on various meetings and events. They can even track meeting and event expenses at the category, vendor, or department level. If they want to generate reports to check actual budgets against planned or projected budgets, that is made possible as well. The tool, moreover, has a revenue and profitability reporting capability which allows users to determine their ROI for each meeting or event. This will guide them in setting up meetings and events in the future that drive higher revenues.

Execute Event Plans Through Project And Task Collaboration

Event plans are useless if they wont be executed properly and on time. Accurate and timely event executions require team collaboration. Luckily, Aventri offers a feature that assists event teams in ensuring that they can seamlessly collaborate on all projects and tasks associated with their meetings and events.

With Aventri, users can organize and display event tasks on visual timelines. This capability makes it easy for the entire team to identify the individuals to whom the tasks are assigned and the start and end dates of the tasks, as well as track the progress of each task. Email reminders can also be sent out to team members so they are immediately notified whenever new tasks are assigned to them or if they need to fast-track the completion of the tasks.

Email Marketing Campaigns

The event management platform makes it possible for users to set up, launch, and manage email marketing campaigns. With this feature, they can reach out to the right audiences with the right messages at the right time and have the opportunity to increase event attendance. Aventri is built with email templates that they can customize. They can use these email templates for multiple meetings and events, as they are clonable and reusable.

Moreover, they can automatically populate their emails with information that are relevant to each recipient through the aid of custom data fields, permitting them to launch targeted and personalized email marketing campaigns. Additionally, the platform permits them to include links to the emails they are sending out to recipients so the latter can access more information or content about a particular meeting or event as well as register right away. Aventri also allows them to verify how effective their email marketing campaigns are.

Understand What Your Attendees Think And Feel About Your Events

The success of meetings and events is measured based on the value they bring to attendees. Therefore, it is imperative that what they think and feel about meetings and events must always be captured, considered, and analyzed. Aventri allows users to obtain powerful insights into attendees emotions, thoughts, and feedback using surveys. A survey tool is integrated into the platform that gives them the ability to design and distribute surveys and analyze survey responses and results. They can distribute surveys while attendees are registering, sessions are being held, or after the events are finished. Survey results are displayed on graphical charts so that users can perform analysis easily.

State-Of-The-Art Mobile Event Application

As previously mentioned, Aventri aims to help users deliver premium and memorable meeting and event experiences. They can actually achieve this by taking advantage of the platforms mobile event application. This is a state-of-art and enterprise-grade mobile application where attendees can access event information, updates, and push notifications. They can also use this app to view session schedules and speaker or exhibitor profiles. Furthermore, the mobile event application enables attendees to connect to other attendees, send messages to them, and discover new networking opportunities.

Users can also leverage the mobile event application for marketing and analysis purposes. For example, Aventri lets them show banner advertisements on the app, allowing them to use the app to make money. When it comes to analysis, they can utilize the app to gain insights into attendees feedback and engagement. They will be able to discover the things attendees value the most by simply monitoring how they are using the app and what contents they are sharing most of the time.

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Web Scraping: An Automated Way Of Extracting Data From The Web

Diffbot is a very powerful tool because it leverages the web to help businesses and teams capture all the important data and information they need. The web contains large amounts of data that are scattered across sites, pages, and other areas online. The only problem is that it is not easy to extract data from the web. To understand how important this solution is, lets discuss its core functionality and find out how it makes the process of extracting data from the web a breeze.

Diffbot employs a technique called web scraping. In this technique, large amounts of data from the web are automatically loaded and extracted. This data, then, can be saved to a file or database. Because web scraping is an automated technique, it eliminates manual data extraction which is usually done by copying and pasting data from the web, a task which is tedious and time-consuming. With Diffbot, users no longer need to do any manual data extraction or Internet research.

Applicable For Various Use Cases

The web data extraction solution can be applied for various use cases. For instance, developers can take advantage of it to generate content for the mobile applications they are building. Marketing teams can also use the solution so they can reach out to their target audiences with the right information, messages, and contents.

Diffbot is an ideal tool for monitoring changes in product pricing across eCommerce websites and marketplaces. Users, moreover, can leverage the solution whenever they are conducting competitor analysis, analyzing what people online are thinking and saying about their brand, or creating a product or article database. Also, Diffbot can be used for hiring purposes, enabling recruitment teams to verify applicant information and find the right candidates.

Doesn’t Need Any Rules And Training

Unlike other web data extraction solutions, Diffbot is easy to set up and implement. Users need not to write page or site-specific rules or train the software. In other words, it can smoothly and automatically perform its job like an autonomous and intelligent person, freeing users from complex configurations and manual processes.

Powered By Artificial Intelligence

Diffbot uses a set of APIs that is powered by Artificial Intelligence. Through the aid of these APIs, the solution automatically extracts clean, structured, normalized, and accurate data from various sources online like articles, discussions, images, videos, and products. Let us explore the features and capabilities of these APIs.

Automatically Analyzes Web Pages

The web data extraction solution has an API which instantly evaluates web pages and identifies which type they belong to, such as if they are classified as eCommerce, news, or discussion. After the API determines the page type, it automatically routes the page to the appropriate API for data extraction.

Article API That Has Text And Sentiment Analysis Capability

There is also an API designed for extracting information from news articles and blog posts. This API has a native text analysis capability by which it automatically generates topics or tags for the articles or blogs it is extracting information from. Additionally, this capability enables the API to check whether a particular article is saying something positive or negative. It can apply scores to comments included in articles and blogs.

Extracts Comments And Reviews From Discussions

Diffbot can automatically extract comments and reviews from whatever page through the aid of its discussion API. Like the article API, this API also has a text analysis capability, so comments, reviews, and other discussion-related posts are scored automatically, allowing users to determine the sentiment or emotion behind the extracted texts.

API For Image Extraction

Extracting images from pages is made possible, too. This is because Diffbot provides an image API. Whats great about this API is that it has the ability to locate other sites, pages, or areas on the web where the image is also found.

Returns Video Metadata Information

With Diffbot, users will be able to automatically extract metadata information of videos that are posted on video platforms and pages. The metadata information includes the name of the person who created or uploaded the video, the date when the video was uploaded, its title and description, the duration of the video, and its number of views.

Complete And Detailed Product Information

Lastly, Diffbot is built with a product API that returns complete and detailed information about products published on various shopping or eCommerce sites and pages. This API extracts pricing data, product IDs, product descriptions, and even product-related contents like images.

Comprehensive Knowledge Graph

The web data extraction solution delivers a comprehensive knowledge graph that contains accurate and detailed information about different entities which include people, places, companies, organizations, businesses, products, articles, and discussions. But what is a knowledge graph, anyway?

A knowledge graph is a knowledge base wherein information is organized, structured, and presented in a way that is easy to read and understand. Google, for instance, has a knowledge graph which can be viewed on the search results page (the box which you can see at the top or right-hand side of the search results page).

The good thing about a knowledge graph is that it highlights interconnected and interrelated information. This means it can show the relationships between entities. Diffbots knowledge graph, therefore, helps users discover how entities found on the web are linked with each other. This way, they will be able to make sense of data about various entities better and achieve the flexibility and agility they need when it comes to analyzing information and generating valuable insights from it.

Get The Exact Answers You Need

They can query the knowledge graph to make sure that they get the data that matters most to them. Whether they are looking for new employees, capturing new prospects, or gathering business intelligence; Diffbots knowledge graph is built to give them the exact information and answers they need.

Web Crawling Tool

Diffbot comes with a web crawler tool called Crawlbot. Crawlbot streamlines data extraction because it has the ability to extract multiple pieces of information from an entire site all at once. For example, this tool can be paired with the product API which enables users to automatically extract all products along with the associated product information found on a particular eCommerce site.

Moreover, because Crawlbot is a web crawling or web spidering tool, it is very useful for indexing purposes, which is one of the main function of a typical web crawler or web spider. Therefore, it can index site or page data in a structured manner. Users can also configure this tool to define which specific pages they want the tool to crawl and extract information from as well how often crawling activities should be executed. Crawlbot also generates an auditable record of all the past crawling activities it has performed. If users want the tool to re-crawl a particular site, that is made possible as well.

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Oracle Food and Beverage

Oracle Food and Beverage is a powerful POS solution that comes with a comprehensive feature set designed to benefit foodservice companies of varying sizes and types. These functionalities offer benefits that are bound to result in better efficiencies, productivity and ultimately, revenues. Here are some of them:

Fully Integrated POS.Oracle Food and Beverage, being a fully-integrated POS solution, helps restaurants, hotels and sports and entertainment companies not only speed up transactions and ensure accuracy, but it also enriches the customer experience, resulting in repeat businesses. The vendor likewise made room for lower ownership and operating costs by including back-office and reporting tools.

Analytics At Your Fingertips. The platform comes with robust reporting and analytics features, giving you an idea of how your establishment is performing. This effectively gives you a better view of your operations, allowing you to make data-driven decisions.

Better Kitchen, Better Service. The Kitchen system that comes with Oracle Food and Beverage is designed to make simple tasks of your kitchen processes. Built to boost kitchen efficiency, the solution improves the quality of food while speeding up kitchen service. And since it improves kitchen communication, the possibility of error is reduced, significantly contributing to positive guest experience.

Mobile POS. Being a cloud-deployed product, installation of the system is a breeze while maintenance costs are kept at a minimum. Oracle Food and Beverage uses mobile POS tools to deliver content and marketing that focus on your clients. It also supports mobile payment, digital menu boards and online ordering.

Electronic POS System. For sports and entertainment businesses, the platform offers the ability to run operations from the comfort of the cloud. This is made possible by the electronic POS that accompanies the system, which also allows for in-seat ordering, online ordering and mobile payment.

Inventory Management. Apart from being a POS system, Oracle Food and Beverage helps you manage your inventory by simplifying your workflows while boosting stock management, resulting in quick adoption of inventory controls across your organization. You also get to save on costs with its product-costing functionality while its ability to make forecasts provide for suggested ordering, leading to optimal stock levels.

Kitchen Hardware. Robust kitchen hardware accompanies Oracle Food and Beverage, which are designed to optimize both kitchen communication and boost efficiency. Most of these are heat- and spill-resistant, ensuring maximum durability. However, the best attribute of this equipment is perhaps, the fact that they’re easy to install.

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Versatile Payment Solutions

Every business has different needs and unique specifications when it comes to processing and accepting payments. Do you prefer to accept payment via credit cards or do you want to offer your clients more payment options?

Whatever your industry demands or whatever your business needs, PaySpace provides you with packages that are very flexible to cater to your requirements. The PaySpace team offers years of experience and expertise, enabling them to collaborate with you and create solutions that really work for your business.

Detect Fraud and Prevent Chargebacks

Fraudulent transactions are one of the many causes of why many businesses suffer huge revenue losses. But with PaySpace, you have the tools to detect transactions that are likely fraudulent, thus preventing you from losing more money.

Utilizing third-party signals and services, the software analyzes your customers’ information, previous shopping history, patterns, and other indicators to determine whether a buyer is probably a fraud using someone else’s identity and information. The software effectively reduces instances of fraudulent purchases, thus eliminating chargebacks that cost your business money.

Alternative Modes of Payments

With PaySpace, you provide your customers with a number of alternative payment methods. This functionality allows them to settle their payments via channels that are readily available and convenient for them. This makes paying effortless for your customers, resulting in faster payments, better revenue.

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Use Case 1: We need to know who gave last year but hasnt this year.

With the ‘Lapsed Donor Report you can quickly pull information from your Eleo Database that shows you who gave in a given year, but not the next. This is only one example of the 60+ valuable reports you can create with Eleo. Your data can tell you a lot about your nonprofits record of success in raising funds and cultivating supporters. Eleo provides you with the tools you need to efficiently monitor and evaluate your organizations fundraising and donor communication activities, so you can build upon what works to enhance your future efforts.

Scenario 2: Our donors’ information is all over the place. On Excel, Word, Google Pages, etc.

Eleo makes it possible to manage donor data, record and track gifts, communicate with donors, create lists and reports, schedule tasks and activities, and manage volunteers and events all through a single, easy-to-use software. Having your information in Eleo will help in reducing manual entry and eliminate duplicates. Users can also access their database anywhere, so you no longer have to worry about data being on another team members computer. Ensuring your donors data accurate and accessible will help you build stronger relationships with your supporters, and help you avoid letting losing a donor.

Scenario 3: Our donor management software is so expensive and we cant even get in contact with anyone for help.

All features, plus ongoing Live Support, are included in Eleo. The product is user-friendly and simple yet you might still have questions. Eleo has built-in help on every page with links to training videos and documents that explain specific features. If you need more information, you can also contact their support team via live chat, email, or even set up a training session at your convenience.

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