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Automated Procurement Processes

IntowebProcurement Software makes the whole procurement process a breeze. It automates many tasks, which dramatically accelerates the whole journey from planning to purchasing and acquisition to reporting. Faster acquisition translates to faster utilization of the items acquired, which means better and faster ROI.

Better Planning and Forecasting

With Intoweb, you are able to make detailed plans before you place the order. The software lets you coordinate in between departments at any level, determine the material and equipment they require, check that against your inventory, and make reliable projections of how your orders will impact your operations and their efficiency. You are able to plan ahead, make viable schedules for your staff, assign your resources, and more, ensuring that your business operates at an optimum level prior and after you make the procurement.

Work Within A Budget

Intowebnot only helps you automate and manage the procurement process but also empower you and your staff to practice responsible inventory management especially if you are operating within a specific budget. The software encourages you to manage your inventory and utilize your resources efficiently. Intowebhelps you eliminate unnecessary procurements and wasteful ordering, which means you save money that you can use to fund other projects, tasks, and priorities.

Find Cost-Effective Suppliers

With IntowebProcurement module, you are able to gather and cross-examine information on suppliers and find the ones that are able to provide you with the items that you are looking for at the lowest costs.

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Better Lead Management

Breezz provides you with a selection of tools designed to help you improve the way you create and manage your leads. With a user-friendly sales pipeline, organizing and managing your leads become effortless. You are on top of every stage of the pipeline, constantly monitoring all actions and activities so you can easily spot opportunities, address issues, and convert leads into sales. This means you can close deals faster.

Prioritize Sales Tasks

It is crucial that you and your sales team remain aware of the pressing priorities and tasks that need to be accomplished sooner than later. Breezz gives you a clear view of all your sales tasks, appointments, and meetings so you will know what to prioritize and ensure all necessary steps are taken to secure your sales and close your deals.

Powerful Email Integration

Marketing to your customers, engaging them, and providing them with information is critical to the success of any sales team. Breezz allows you to communicate with your clients directly from the platform to speed up the communication process. You don’t have to exit the CRM tool and open an email platform to deliver personalized sales and marketing promotions.

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Elevio is a modern-day customer success platform built to ensure all products are easy to learn. The solution is geared towards offering self-service support and improving product education to reduce support load and increase retention. Some of its salient benefits include:

Minimal support load

Elevio prioritizes self-served support and education over the labor-intensive, assisted support channels. This is done with the knowledge that most consumers are happy when helping themselves than contacting customer support. The solution intelligently delivers the guidance and resources that consumers need, helping them grow a lasting bond with the product. By contextually placing the content on-site, you actively eliminate customer tickets. Besides, it instantly resolves issues that would have otherwise bombarded other customer support channels. This makes life easier for both the customer and your support staff.

Simplified knowledge centered support

In addition, Elevio presents a powerful tool called the Hub. The Hub offers a conducive workspace where all employees contribute to improving your documents. The feature takes into account the effort of every employee making it easy to maintain documents that are accurate, up to date, and as comprehensive as they ought to be. Besides, the solution blends data analysis and feedback using machine learning to support continuous user education.

Instant contextual support

Better still, Elevio comes with Hotspots and Assistant features. These features allow you to deliver instant, pertinent support content within your product. They remove the irritation of consumers having to move offsite or wait for customer support staff to solve simple issues. Moreover, Elevio eliminates the hurdles that inhibit customer success. It allows customer support staff to enhance your websites user experience (UX) designs without the need for specialized IT skills.

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Asurint is a reliable background screening and checking solution, built with employers in mind. The platform revolutionizes the entire background screening process and tailors the experience to the exact need of each employer. Additionally, it delivers other notable benefits which include:

Refined process

Each organization has its unique needs. The solution digs deep into the business to pinpoint all its pain points. This helps define the organizations goals while discovering the exact departments where succinct quests can be applied. By understanding the organization better, Asurint proposes solutions that deliver accurate results quickly. It enhances the overall employee search leading to quick turnaround times for search results, hence, faster placement.

Better use of technology

In addition, Asurint has found a way to use innovative technology without straying from the confines of the strict background screening process. The solution employs the proprietary IQLogics decision engine to expedite the screening process via expansive background searches. The engine scours candidates address history and matches the locations to unearth records and critical details such as the candidates legal name, current residential address, date of birth, and government ID. Besides, Asurint features an automated compliance engine. This engine keeps employers updated on the changing regulations, ensuring that they adhere to the ever-changing federal, state, and local regulations.

Centralized database

Asurint doesnt rely on data from third-party organizations. The agency collects and aggregates data in a proprietary NCIB database. The database includes data from federal, state, and country courts, and is constantly updated. This cost-effectively expedites searches, allowing employers to clears candidates without delay.

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Scenario 1: Sending a secure document to a new client

You have an engagement letter or contract with a clients personal data and project details to send securely. But first, you must create a client portal account, or if sending an encrypted email, call the client on the phone to provide them a special password. Now your client must sign up or login before you can send your first secure document. That is a lot of time wasted and a big hassle for your client to get even the first document from you.

With Encyro, you simply send the sensitive document to the clients email address. Encyro automatically creates the client account and offers them options to retrieve the secure message, either with a single click or with a password. You save time and the client gets the document quickly.

Features: Send secure to any email address

Scenario 2: Requesting clients to send a secure document

Need the client to send you a sensitive file, but wait, has the client created their portal account? Or do you need to create a special folder or upload link for them, the process you repeat for every client?

With Encyro, you get a single upload link that you can send to any client. Place this link in your email request, website, or even in your email signature so your clients have it handy whenever they want to send you something sensitive. All that the client has to do is click that link and then send you their message or files using that web page. No login necessary when sending.

Features: Receive from anyone without asking them to create an Encyro account.

Scenario 3: Get a signed document scanned and returned

Need a client to sign a paper document, scan it and then send it to you securely through your client portal or your encrypted email service? That is a lot of steps for your client. With Encyro, your client can simply access your Encyro upload page from their smartphone. Encyro shows them a Take Photo button, so they click a photo of the signed document with their phone camera and send it quickly.

Features: Mobile friendly upload page, Receive without password

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