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QuickBooks Online

Here are the main benefits you can have with QuickBooks Online:

Consolidating Financial Data Made Easy

The demands of the modern business landscape can be difficult to meet, especially for small businesses. Other than creating quality products and providing quality customer service, they are also expected to accommodate the needs of their clients such as multiple payment methods and delivery options. Because of this, you might have a hard time consolidating the information on these processes as you start creating sales reports. Luckily, QuickBooks Online can automate the data collection process for you as well as ensure that your financial information is updated instantly. This way, you can aggregate your data for reports faster and easier.

Improved Data Viewing

One of the biggest perks that QuickBooks Online has to offer is that it is completely web-based. With this, all you need to do is access your account to view whatever data you need at the moment, and youre good to go. You will no longer have to be inside your office, on your computer in order to get the information you need. In fact, you may even access your account using your smartphone, increasing the mobility of your operations.

Simplified Data Synchronization

Keeping your accountants as well as your staff members posted on your financial data is key in performing accurate calculations of your earnings and expenditures. This is why QuickBooks Online provides you with auto-syncing options. With this feature, you can make sure that all of the devices connected to your plan are up-to-date at all times, eliminating any inconsistencies in reports later on.

Enhanced Financial Data Protection

Making sure that your financial data is safe from unauthorized individuals shouldnt be a difficult thing to do. With QuickBooks Online, you get access to intuitive security options so that they can effortlessly safeguard the confidential data that passes through your accounting system on a daily basis. You may even choose to back up your data to the cloud for record keeping, exporting them into spreadsheets only when necessary.

Affordable Pricing Plans

Lastly, QuickBooks Online offers flexible subscription packages that will surely help you make the most out of your investment. Their plans are bundled according to the different accounting toolsets that you might need for your company. This way, you can be sure that you are only paying for the functionalities you need and not on bloatware. Whats more, all of their subscription packages are already inclusive of regular software updates to ensure that your platform is in tiptop shape at all times.

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Enterprise-Grade Property Management Suite

Payquad gives property management companies with a single, unified solution designed to streamline and accelerate all their operations. Thousands of property management companies across North America trust Payquad to get them paid on time while enabling them to elevate the resident experience.


Payquad is built with simplicity and ease of use in mind. Learning how to use the software is a breeze, whether you’re a tenant, property manager or landlord.

Seamless integrations

Integrations with a number of business systems and applications via API enables you to fully extend Payquad’s functionality. You can link Payquad to your existing accounting systems, and CRM, among others.

Online payments

Payquad makes it easy for your tenants to settle their payments by providing them with multiple payment options from any device. This makes payment convenient for your tenants and residents, which greatly lowers instances of delinquencies. All payments automatically reflect in your account on the first day of the month.

Maintenance Management

Your tenants and staff can easily submit requests for maintenance without having to fill paper forms and submitting them physically in your office. Payquad lets them create and submit maintenance requests online and supplement their requests by attaching requests. You can create and track repair or maintenance tickets to ensure that issues and concerns are addressed timely.

Tenant or Resident Portal

Payquad’s portal gives tenants what they need at their fingertips 24/7, making certain that they are satisfied. Document storage, messaging, amenity bookings, maintenance, payments and more can all be done from the portal on any internet-connected device.

Applications and Leasing

Payquad enables users to streamline the entire application and leasing process from start to finish with digital applications and online signature capabilities. The cloud-based tool simplifies managing and consolidating files using any device.

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Live Center

Challenges with mobile rendering solved through the use of Live Centers Extensions

One common challenge faced by customers is that features in traditional live blogging solutions are not developed to work well with mobile. One example is the sports scoreboard provided by ScribbleLive that communicates live updates from games.

The scoreboard is by default fully expanded to show a full-size team logo, team name, score, current period, audience, and players. When viewed on a desktop of a large tablet, the scoreboard works well because the available screen height allows all of this information to fit. But when viewed on a mobile, the default mode of having all content expanded means that most of the screen is filled, and users have to scroll past all of it to see any posts.

Live Center offers a brand new scoreboard Live Centers Extensions that had three collapsible modes which default to a collapsed view. This provides a much better user experience by allowing readers to select if they want all the details, and more easily accessible to posts in the feed without having to scroll down further.

Lack of integration flexibility Integration with customers CMS for more user-friendly workflow

Many older solutions do not allow easy creation of plugins and widgets to the CMS where live blogs are ultimately handled by customers. Live Center has a broad range of APIs that allows integration with customers CMS. One example is the Live Center widget for Infomakers Digital Writer CMS which allows customers to simply drag-and-drop a live feed that has been created in Live Center from a list, without the need to use any script or ID. Users simply search for a channel they want to include and drag it into the article.

Cluttered editor interface Ability to customize editor features & tools

A common issue from customers is that the interface and editor in other liveblogging solutions are very cluttered with too many impressions and features. Every customer has a different need and uses different features, which often means that many of the buttons, fields, and tools in an editor are rarely or never used. The effect traditionally brings too much complexity to the interface.

Live Center allows customers to hide features from the interface that are not widely used, providing a simplified layout and with reduced impressions. Examples of these can be extensions that are not needed, features such as comments, and formatting and media options. Live Center works with their customers to understand what features they need, and the rest is hidden from their editor to make the solution more streamlined. If they decide to add them, Live Center can easily unhide them again.

Additionally, Live Center has a simple editor interface with two main columns, one for the Editor with text formatting and tools, and one for the preview and feed of published posts. This layout results in much less scrolling on a tablet or mobile devices.

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Centralized Storage For Health and Medical Records

75Health enables your medical practice to create electronic profiles of your patients and store them in a secure, cloud-hosted hub that you can access anytime, using any device. It eliminates the need of manually entering patient information onto a paper form, slide it inside a folder, and store it in a file cabinet.

With 75Health, all you have to do is perform a quick search and you’ll get your patient’s profile in seconds. You can make quick changes such as new medication or schedule an appointment with ease. No more rummaging through cabinets and folders, entering the wrong information or forgetting to update your patient’s data.

Accurate and Reliable Patient Monitoring

Doctors rely heavily on the information presented to them to make the right diagnosis and prescribe the right medication to ensure that the patient is treated right and recovery is achieved. With 75Health, doctors can access a patient’s medical record and even his or her entire medical history so they can make data-driven decisions instantly. They can monitor the progress of their patients and determine whether their prescribed treatment is effective or not. Having such instant access to reliable information makes doctors more effective in their tasks.

Better Workflow and Relationships With Other Doctors

In cases where multiple doctors are needed, it is imperative that they share the same version of information and be able to communicate with each other whenever they have other findings and suggestions. 75Health gives them a platform where they have access to reliable, unified patient information. This feature enables them to work closely with each other, achieve and maintain better workflow to ensure patient recovery.

Faster and More Accurate Billing

The billing process can be quite exhausting and time-intensive, especially in hospitals that rely on paper-based documents for billable information. 75Health centralizes all patient data for easy storage and access. Billing departments can easily gather all billable information and generate bills without worrying about accuracy.

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Obtaining local numbers in another country where the business is not physically present

Startup X is located in London but his clientele is growing in France, Germany, and Ireland. CEO John needs his team to be able to localize their calls without having to open offices in other countries. UsingRingOver’s suite of local numbers (landline and/or mobile) in more than 60 countries, John and his team can obtain numbers in France, Germany, and Ireland so his sales team can add more credibility when connecting with clients abroad.

John can order numbers directly from his dashboard anytime he needs to and have his users continue with business as usual this time with the calling tools they need to succeed. Bonus, Johns team enjoy free unlimited outgoing calls to over 60 destinations including France, Germany, and Ireland.

Features: local numbers, outgoing number switching, self-service dashboard, free unlimited call to 60+ destinations

Startup Y needs to set up a call center phone system so his callers can connect to the right agent and his agent can track all conversations

Theo is the Head of Customer Service at Startup Y but currently, all company calls are routed through one number and, often, the calls are not picked up by the right department or agent on the first instance. Callers become frustrated having to wait long times to be connected and have their request taken.

With RingOver’s call center features, Theo is able to set up an interactive voice response system (IVR) and add a voice greeting menu which outlines a list of menu options for callers to select based on the nature of their call. His customer service agents are grouped according to function (billings, technical requests, bookings, support, VIP customers etc.) and Theo can create several call routings from the menu options to the appropriate user group.

In addition, Theo knows that his team needs to be able to know who’s calling beforehand and also track all call logs and voicemails. So, he integrates his team’s RingOver with Zoho CRM. Now, all call activities are logged in the corresponding client record in Zoho CRM and his agents can view all previous interactions with clients. Outside of working hours, Theo is able to set up a working schedule for open lines as well as an IVR voicemail with email notifications so his agents can follow up on missed calls when they return to work.

Features: IVRs, CRM integration, automatic data-sync, self-service dashboard, call logs, call recording, text-to-speech, voicemail greetings and messages, working schedule, email notifications

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