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EZ List

Built By Project Managers for Project Managers

EZ List is a comprehensive project management tool built on the expertise of experienced project managers who know and understand what is needed to help fellow project managers get their respective teams going and eliminate the usual headaches that hamper their performance, resulting in enhanced productivity and overall efficiency.

Eliminate Stress Out of The Picture

Work-related stress and work overload are big contributors to poor employee performance, subpar results, and even health issues. With EZ List, stress and overload are dramatically slashed and eliminated, leaving you with a team that knows what to do and are highly motivated to deliver exceptional results.

The software helps you organize and prioritize tasks, set deadlines, and assign tasks to the most qualified individuals. The EZ dashboard provides you with a clear picture of your employees’ performance so you know how everyone is doing and instantly recognize the progress of your projects.

Short Learning Curve

EZ List is built on Excel, making it a friendly and intuitive platform even for novice users. You and your team don’t have to spend work hours in learning how to use the system because of its familiar interface with a short learning curve.

Reliable Security

EZ List utilizes time-tested proprietary automation that’s proven reliable and strong. You don’t have to worry about any unauthorized party accessing your files or getting information not meant for their consumption and purpose.

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New employee device setup and onboarding

For fast-growing companies that hire often, setting up new devices often becomes one of the IT team or office management’s most time-consuming tasks.

With Fleetsmith’s True Zero Touch Deployment, admins can define the way they want their device to be set up ahead of time, then dropship a computer directly to their new employees. The device will configure itself the first time it’s booted up: creating user accounts, downloading necessary apps, encrypting the drive, and setting up printer drivers and WiFi, for a start.

Patching and enforcement

To ensure device security, it’s critical that the OS and apps are always updated so that critical bugs and security holes get patched out quickly. Fleetsmith automates this process for the OS and more than 70 of the most used business apps.

Rather than having to manually download, package, and deploy new versions, admins simply have to tell Fleetsmith which versions to run. Fleetsmith takes care of silently updating in the background if possible, prompting the user to manually update if not, and enforcing an update if it is not performed by the due date the admin sets.

Device intelligence

Fleetsmith Intelligence provides real-time visibility into the entire device fleet, exposing business and security risks before it’s too late. It answers tough questions like whether devices are running the latest operating system, whether encryption and firewall are enabled, and how much free space is left on each hard drive. Then it provides simple, 1-click remediation for any problems it finds, saving time and resources.

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Out-of-the-box Features

OroCommerce is equipped with out-of-the-box e-commerce functionalities that are suitable for B2B and B2X scenarios. It allows you to oversee corporate accounts, keeping multiple price lists, and displaying products in general and specific catalogs. The platforms functionality range is wide so you can expect to find more tools and features once you become acquainted with it.

Open-source B2B Platform

OroCommerce is an open-source B2B platform, which means that it is powered by innovations that are designed for modification and customization. Because of that, you are afforded supreme flexibility so you can adapt the solution to your ecosystem. Additionally, this means that you can integrate it with ease with compatible and complementary platforms and services.

Integration Marketplace

The extensibility of OroCommerce is apparent in its marketplace, where you can find products and solutions that you can integrate with the platform free or for a fee. When you do connect these systems, you can create a streamlined business operation where information exchange can happen in real time.

Built-in CRM

Addressing your B2B concerns is made easier by OroCommerce as it has a robust built-in CRM. With this, you can organize your contacts and arrange the customer interaction workflow. This component also enables you to take advantage of opportunities for growth, as different groups in your organization can seamlessly aid each other.

Multi-organization Capability

If you have different organizations, websites, and stores under your management, you can oversee them still in a single platform. That is because OroCommerce can support multiple entities, allowing you to scale your business and maximize the use of the system. On top of that, you can be efficient in switching between businesses and brands.

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As a fully integrated ERP product, Crest ERP offers features which benefits impact the overall status and growth of an organization. These benefits include aboost in productivity with the help of process automation,centralized data reinforcing faster and more effective collaboration between the departments within an organization,integrated reporting system with access to real-time data and status of each department,ease of tracking orders, inventory, and revenue, as well as gathering data for sales forecasting and other sales-related activities.

Additionally, it ensures asecured and regulation-compliant data storage that is also centralized for better control of the information and its accessibility through itsscalable systems,centralized and automatic integrations reducing administrative and production costs and ane-commerce platform to enable and establish online sale.

More specifically, these benefits are driven by these modules, which functions provide an end-to-end solution and improvement to your business operations:

Procurement Management

This module focuses on simplifying the process of acquiring resources from source, to contract, to approval, and purchase, as well as making sure that these resources are necessary to the company and will be utilized accordingly. Despite its streamlined process, this module covers every stage of procurement from generating purchase requisition, quote request, quote information update, quote comparison, and conversion of the quote to purchase order with the use of a flexible approval mechanism. GST is also automatically configured during this process. This module also allows you to have a 360-degree view of your supplier relationships, which help you assess their performance and risks.

Inventory Management

Gain complete visibility of your companys inventory, such as real-time tracking of all item classes and having complete control of the stock and asset movements. This module also helps optimize your warehouse, track all types of items, and standardize the technical and non-technical assets.

Sales Management

Optimize your sales operations efficiency through a simplified but effective sales process from inquiry, order, picking, and packing to shipping and sales invoicing. This modules order-to-cash process is equipped with a complete set of functions to handle different types of orders, as well as an integrated e-commerce platform to enable online sales. This module also includes detailed reporting, notifications, and controls relevant to sales management, as well as providing data that helps you assess pricing accuracy and margin maintenance.

Production Management

Creates automated processes and utilizes integrated functionality to improve and maximize the efficiency of production operations, which result in efficient management of production orders, capacity planning, and scheduling. This module also integrates MRP functionality for better material planning.


Simplify accounting operations with the help of flexible Automatic Accounting Schedule (AAS).

HR Management

Track, manage and maintain all information and activities relevant to your employees life cycle within your organization. This module also provides you with a comprehensive employee leave management capability that allows you to set up a hierarchy for employee leave approval, as well as keep track of whom the assets are assigned to.

Project Management

This module helps you determine your organizations financial stability by allowing you access to information relevant to the budget delegated to different projects. Through this module, you can also track the status of each project from planning to the execution stage.

Fixed Assets

Helps in creating a simplified audit process, which allows you to efficiently monitor your organizations fixed assets from tracking their location, past movement, availability, and depreciation calculation.

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Get The Real Score From Your Customers

Survey2Connect is more than just a survey management platform. It helps you understand your customers better by dissecting their experience, identify their pain points as well as the positives of their journey with your business, and use powerful analytics to derive insights that will help you improve your services, products, and your brand overall.

What sets Survey2Connect apart from other client feedback management solutions is that the software helps you determine what questions you should ask your customers, which channels should you engage them in, and what time should you reach out. Addressing all these requirements makes them eager and responsive to your surveys, resulting in more honest answers and high-quality feedback.

Gather Feedback from Employees

Survey2Connect is not just for customers. You can utilize the platform to gather feedback from your employees to help you and the management realize the prevailing sentiment in the workplace. It helps you get a clear 360-degree view of the work environment, drive employee engagement, and boost employee productivity. All these lead to huge business growth.

Do employees like the recently-hired project manager? Are they loving the stricter dress code policies? Should you purchase another vending machine for the cafeteria? Whatever questions you need or want to ask, Survey2Connect can help you collect the relevant answers.

Usable for Research

Whether you are evaluating your brand’s performance, initiating mystery shopping, and testing your products, Survey2Connect provides you with the ideal platform to generate and share surveys with the right questions so that you get answers that drive value.

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