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marzo 7, 2019
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Centralized Content Platform

Bambu allows you to place relevant articles and content to be shared on social networks in a single database. This lets your employees access them from a single place, thereby maximizing each second of interaction with the platform. On top of that, this makes certain that your workforce only shares pre-approved messaging to their accounts to give a consistent branding and to prove the authenticity of the content.

Consolidated Resource Database

By sharing your organization’s content in their accounts, your employees are likely to receive questions regarding your brand. That is why Bambu has a resource database where you can upload the necessary information for your workers to access. As such, they can answer questions about your brand and promotions ably to amplify the messaging and to convert customers quickly.

Empowered Teams

Your sales and marketing teams need to collaborate to better amplify your reach. Bambu helps you in that regard by providing a collaboration space between the two departments. Because of this, the marketing group can funnel the right messages that the sales unit can serve to potential consumers.

Recognition & Incentivizing

Aside from empowering your employees, Bambu also helps you measure the reach and success of your employee advocacy program. The platform generates reports that show which content is resonating the most with audiences, who among your employees are the top sharers, and who managed to convert the most individuals. With this information, you can strengthen your current program for its greater success. Additionally, this allows you to recognize the efforts of your workers. Thus, you can incentivize them appropriately to inspire them to work harder.

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