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marzo 24, 2019
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Transformed Engagement Approaches

Because AppointmentPlus is in the cloud, it is online 24/7. That is why anytime a prospective or existing customer wants to book appointments, they can do so online at their convenience. The solution then takes care of ensuring that they remember their schedule by sending email and text alerts. As such, you can reduce no-shows and minimize profit losses.

Apart from that, AppointmentPlus helps you broaden your reach through social media posts and marketing promotions. It can integrate your booking process with either one, thereby allowing you to attract appointments from the different channels where your customers are.

Powerful Reporting Suite

AppointmentPlus is equipped with a dynamic set of reporting tools to help you grow your business. With these, you can view a comprehensive record of your customers transaction histories, consumer purchase trends, and no-show metrics. You are also given the option to generate reports from ready-to-go templates or from customized reports. Whichever you prefer, you can expect accurate and up-to-date numbers that can help you make intelligent decisions.

Dynamic Staff Tools

With AppointmentPlus, your staff is empowered to be more efficient in their tasks. The administrative dashboard allows them to view pending schedules and to move appointments around whenever needed. This control enables your office to accommodate customers at the most opportune moments.

Additionally, AppointmentPlus affords you multiple security measures, such as restricting user access. In this manner, you can ensure that only those with the right rank and authorization can view sensitive business and customer information in the system.

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