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How often do you type in the search box, click on the navigation bar, expand product descriptions, or add a product to your cart? If you were an e-commerce company, every one of these actions can become the key to optimizing the entire shopping experience. AnswerMiner helps you to visualize your data and with help of predictive analytics you can predict user preferences, then personalize products in a most-likely-to-buy order that maximizes conversion.

Features: Automatic Charts, Prediction Tree


Risk management is an enormously important area for financial institutions, responsible for the companys security, trustworthiness, and strategic decisions. There are many origins from which risks can come, such as competitors, investors, regulators, or companys customers. Also, risks can differ in importance and potential losses. With AnswerMiner, you can find the relations and anomalies inside your company.

Feature: Correlation Matrix and Table


Administrators and registrars need to be able to track metrics such as student enrollment, progression, and graduation rates. AnswerMiner helps them to explore their datasets and find the answer. With its user-friendly interface, the students are able to get familiar with the app quickly, so they can find relations and meaningful insights in the data, even if they are not data scientists, programmers, or statisticians.

Feature: Relation Map

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