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A2 Hosting vs. SiteGround: Who Offers Better Web Hosting?

marzo 18, 2019
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Though each company has its own price points and packages, what you do get overall can easily be compared between A2 Hosting vs SiteGround.

A2 Hosting

Offering shared, VPS, Cloud, and Dedicated hosting services, A2 Hosting has a lot of different plans to choose from.


Their most basic, least expensive plan starts at just $3.92 per month for shared hosting. It offers optimization for every major CMS, free site transfers, and is just as fast as shared hosting can get.

If you’re looking for a dedicated server, you can get set up for just $99.59 per month. These servers are completely isolated and perfect for anyone who wants to minimize load times or needs complete control over how their hosting resources are allocated.



SiteGround offers a number of hosting plans with minimal options. These are meant to be streamlined for users new to web hosting. That means if you’re not comfortable with the technical side of things, SiteGround is there to hold your hand during the process.


On the basic side, they offer shared hosting at only $3.95 per month. However, unlike A2 Hosting’s basic plan, SiteGround limits the amount of webspace you get to 10GB and the number of visitors you can have to just 10,000 per month on this plan.


If you’re looking to invest in dedicated hosting, SiteGround offers a basic server for $269 per month. That is more than double what A2 Hosting charges, and the servers come with hard limits on storage.

And the Winner is …

A2 Hosting gives you the most options, as well as the best value for your money. You get more storage, better control, and growth options that make sense for every level of website or web business. 

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