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Pobuca Sales

Quick and easy implementation

Right from the get-go, Pobuca Sales is quick to implement. It only takes less than 5 minutes to set up and add products and customers. The tool, available at an affordable price, is fully customizable, compact, and versatile. Furthermore, it has a user-friendly interface built for sales reps to focus on selling.

Boost sales and productivity

Pobuca Sales provides an all-in-one solution with a robust back-office where you can plan daily routes automatically, view KPIs and sales reports, and access a realistic view of your customers shelves. Automation also prevents errors such as providing customers with a wrong quote, placing an order for an out-of-stock item, and missing to sell a promotional product. Its offline capability ensures you continue to get access to your needed data even when the Internet connection is lost.

Robust sales solution

Pobuca Sales is built for sales reps and wholesalers of goods such as Food and Beverage, Hardware and DIY, Health and Beauty, Tobacco, Home and Gifts, Toys, and Cleaning Products. In fact, some of the largest companies in the FMCG industry, like Pepsi, Unilever, MARS, and Omega Pharma, use it. To extend its capability, it seamlessly integrates with ERP systems to boost revenue and deliveries.

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Pobuca Connect

Pobuca Connect helps teams collaborate and communicate effectively by enabling them to share business contact information seamlessly and smoothly with each other. Many employees complain that working on contact lists, from importing them from various sources to a more centralized location can be time-consuming. Also, human participation in these processes can lead to errors that can impede operations if not corrected in time. As an overview, here are the main benefits of Pobuca Connect:

Easily organize contacts

Pobuca Connect can help you make sure your personal and business contacts are separated. By ensuring you maintain an organized address book, you can avoid mix-ups and wasting time looking for the right contact information.

Accessibility to business contacts

Pobuca Connect is a cloud-based tool that enables you to access your business contacts anywhere, any time. It accelerates searching for contact details of individuals and organizations. You can also automatically update business contact lists by simply grabbing email signatures and scanning business cards as devices (desktop, browser, mobile, and Outlook) are synched.

Integrated cloud system

Pobuca Connect seamlessly integrates with any cloud solution and business software. Some examples are email marketing, single sign-on (SSO), CRM and O365 systems. This way, you eliminate the time-consuming process of transferring data.

Secured and GDPR-compliant

Pobuca Connect helps you make sure you have full control to who can access which information. As a fully GDPR-compliant solution, the product makes data protection and privacy a priority. Hence, they dont keep any copy of your contact lists. Once you delete the app, these data are also completely deleted.

Virtual assistant

Pobuca Connect has a virtual assistant called Pobuca Bot that you can find on the desktop app, Outlook add-in, Skype and Facebook Messenger. This built-in bot streamlines your tasks by updating and searching contact details for your organization.

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Have an interactive and engaging training session

Jessica is conducting a training session for her team. To begin, she wants to see at what level everyone is at to help her know what areas to put the focus on during the session. In order to do that, she starts with an open-ended question.

During the session, she wants to check if everyone understands the essentials about the subject. She uses a quiz to spark a sense of competition in the room and test people.

At the end of the session, she wants to know how well the participants understand the subject. She uses an assessment poll to let everyone evaluate how confident they feel about the subject.

Features: Live poll, quiz/challenge, assessment poll

Engage the audience throughout an event

Steve is moderating an event for a conference. To make the opening fun, he uses an icebreaker word cloud to cheer people up and ask them how they feel. During speaker’s Q&A moments, he wants to avoid those silent moments when nobody has questions or when you have to pass a microphone so he uses a Q&A with Sparkup to crowdsource the questions from the audience and let everyone upvote the best ones in order to start the Q&A with a list of great questions. In the end, he uses a post-event survey while people are still in the room to boost the response rate and collect feedback.

Features: word cloud, Q&A, survey

Give a voice to everyone during a meeting

Matt is a manager in a company. He wants to hold a team retrospective and make sure everyone shares what went well and what didn’t. He uses a pre-meeting anonymous survey to collect the teams feedback and save time for face-to-face discussion.

During the meeting, he also wants to brainstorm on a certain subject and reach a group decision. So he uses brainstorm features to collect ideas anonymously so everyone can share their ideas and then vote for the best ideas.

Features: Survey, Brainstorm

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Fast and Seamless Ordering Process

Koomi was built to address the needs of quick service and fast casual restaurants (cafes and bakeries, food trucks, sushi stands, gourmet burger, and salad bars). That is to move line-ups faster to slash down the long customer wait times. With its intuitive interface, your staff can punch in items in a few, quick clicks, shortening the process of taking orders.

For restaurants that offer tableside ordering, your staff can take orders directly at the table and keep the orders open until your diners are done with their meal. You can also take orders from customers waiting in line and send their orders to the kitchen-based tablet. This greatly shortens waiting time, thus, preventing customer loss and increase revenue during peak hours

Intuitive and User-Friendly

Koomi is extremely straightforward. It has a short leaning curve. In fact, it can only take about 15 minutes for you and your staff to get fully acquainted with the platform and its features.

Dedicated Customer Support

Koomi provides you with a team of product support specialists whenever you need them. Responsive and highly knowledgeable, Koomi’s Customer Support team gives you the answers and expertise you need whenever you experience an issue with Koomi.

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Enhanced Sales Team Productivity

Lucrativ provides you with a robust engagement hub with multichannel customer connectivity capability. Productivity tools such as the integrated dialer, bulk SMS, calendar/scheduler, and more enable you and your team to create and organize tasks and priorities, capture and analyze data, contact and engage clients, and generate more deals effectively and efficiently.

Team Empowerment via Gamification

Friendly competition can be a huge driving factor in team productivity and efficiency. With Lucrativ’s gamification tools such as custom scoreboards, leaderboards, and goals, your team members are more than motivated to accomplish their tasks, give productive outputs, and deliver exceptional results. Aside from achieving better results, these gamification features help in instilling positive behaviors and promote best practices.

Maximize Your Opportunities

Opportunities come at any time, which is why it is best that you are equipped to answer even when you are not around at the office. Lucrativ’s mobile CRM ensures that you are always informed whenever opportunities arise. You get notifications whenever a milestone has been reached or a critical task has been completed. Whatever the case, Lucrativ makes sure that you know what going on in real-time.

Custom Workflows, Processes, and Reports

Lucrativ can be customized to address your unique business needs. From fields and forms, modules, dashboards and reports, you are in charge of how you want Lucrativ to function for you and provide you with data and analysis in a way you want.

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